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I have something in common with Jill Biden

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Hey! I actually have something in common with First lady Jill Biden.

Nope, I don't make custom-tailored clothing from furniture fabric. No, I'm not a fake doctor. Try again.

She recently tested positive for COVID … and so did I, but I didn't get an official press release.

Like Dr. Jill, this was my second dance with Xi Jinping's special contagion cocktail.

It was very much like the first time, back when Delta was all the rage in 2021. School started, and within weeks, my family brought home a most wonderful gift. They're givers, what can I say!

The first time was harder. My oldest son fell first. There was definitely anxiety associated with seeing my kid sick with the notorious virus we'd being hearing about for over a year.

COVID seemed scarier then. Some would like us to go back to that level of fear.

As the kids succumbed to Delta fever, one-by-one, I knew my turn was coming. I was having symptoms. I was pretty sure I had it. My doctor was sure I had it. My COVID test … not so much. After a week of that 'fun', and after the kids were all just fine, I finally got the fever.

That brought on a new wave of anxiety. How long have I had it? Shouldn't it be going away?

My family coined a new term for one of the worst COVID symptoms around back then: UBS - or 'Unlucky Ba***rd Syndrome'. It referred to the idea that, statistically, you should know you're going to be just fine, but what if you just happen to be 'that guy'. Yeah, my family's humor is dark.

My brother would call and say 'How's your UBS?'. 'Oh, probably about a 6.' LOL.

Long story short, given my uncertainty about how long I'd had COVID, I got some antibodies that were only newly available to me in Ohio because Democrats were mad at Ron DeSantis for using them successfully in Florida. I was good to go in no time.

Fast forward a couple months, and my freshly naturally Delta-vaccinated self was being threatened with the loss of my job by Joe Biden unless I got a vaccine for I virus I literally just recovered from. So dumb.

Here's the deal: I've never been strongly for or against the COVID vaccine. Get it. Don't get it. It's your decision.

The red flag for me was when politicians and media started claiming to KNOW things they couldn't possibly know.

'We know the vaccine is safe.'

Me: 'Well, of course you don't know that. You can't know that. You literally just invented it.'

I have the same reaction, by the way, to people who insist the vaccines are going to kill everyone who ever got a shot, or that they KNOW some other COVID cure is absolutely effective. Again, you can't know that yet. That's why it's important to let people make their own decisions.

One brutally honest religious exemption later, and I had avoided the wrath of the Dictator-In-Chief.

If you hadn't noticed, nobody trusts them anymore.

Can you blame us? I'm still amazed at the age-old wisdom they completely reversed that was gospel truth my entire life.

'Vaccines don't prevent illness.'

'It's not true that viruses generally weaken as they mutate.'

'Natural immunity isn't better than vaccine immunity.'

It was surreal. It still is.

That's the line that always gets a laugh out of me: 'Fully vaccinated and boosted person is currently only experiencing mild symptoms'.

Then they disappear for one or two weeks. LOL.

What a weaselly word: 'mild'. Yes, running a fever, body aches, congestion, and generally feeling like crap for days is definitely mild … compared to death. Maybe not so much when compared to the common cold. You don't disappear from public view for a week or two because you've got the sniffles.

It's like the flu for a lot of us. The morally-superior and heavily vaccinated elites (as opposed to those who got the vax but aren't pretentious about it) have to go into hiding when their symptoms are the same as unvaccinated heathens like myself. They must preserve the narrative. Too funny!

Jill's got COVID. Whoopi's got COVID. Howard Stern doesn't have COVID, but he's terrified of it. Cali schools are canceling foot ball games.

Yeah, we're not going to start this madness again.

My family's recent bout with COVID is more like what should have happened the first time.

My wife and I kept the kids home until they were better and not contagious. We would have done the same if they had the flu or a stomach bug. We don't need the government to tell us that.

'Let's jump in the car and go visit Grandma!' was never once uttered in our house recently as we recovered.

We don't need the government to tell us to avoid visiting Grandma while we're sick, with COVID or anything else. Only Andrew Cuomo needed that advice, yet they acted like we were the threat.

Nope. Not happening again.

That's my COVID story. It's a story that could have played out the same across the country in 2020 without destroying our economy, without setting kids back two years, without rigging election laws, without an angry octogenarian president dividing the nation, and without tyrannical politicians forcing mandates on decent people - all while still protecting vulnerable people.

We're not going back.


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