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The Rich Men North of Richmond strike back with a parody cover of their own

Reason/GoRemy (modified by Fuzzy Chimp)

Okay, it's really not the Rich Men North of Richmond striking back as much as a continued dogpile on the DC politicians Oliver Anthony credits with doing more harm than good.


X user, @GoRemy, created a parody of the popular song from the perspective of the rich men, and it hits the elite political class hard.

'I've been working 'til the break of 4:45 … '


As Twitchy readers know, Oliver Anthony has recently made it clear that the intent behind his song is not about supporting either the political right or left. It's about restoring a sense of community among the people, and the target of his disdain is found in the DC political class.

That works better.

The struggle is real, y'all!

Seriously, folks, Fudge Rounds have been getting too much hate lately. They're delicious. #LittleDebbie2024


Pension? What is this strange thing you speak of?

Oh, it's a damn shame what the world's come to.

They want us back in the office on Mondays too.

Wish I could just wake up and it not be true.

But it is. Oh it is.

Except you, Mr. President. You go right ahead and add a few more days to your vacation.

Poor guys. LOL.

We almost agree. Hold on …


There! That's better!

Hey, the Libertarians needed something. It used to be weed, but then states started legalizing it everywhere and stole their thunder.

Just kidding, guys. We love our Libertarian brothers and sisters!

Even some of the politicians, or their interns, like it.

For just the small price of $174,000 per year, you too can help a struggling member of Congress make your life harder. Hurry, before it's too late.


We like it. We really don't think Oliver Anthony would mind.

The part where the dude was pantless but had to put on a tie for his Zoom meeting … LOL.

They're definitely not living in the real world.


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