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The official Department of Defense Twitter account gets a massive RATIO for woke tweeting


With the conclusion of 'Pride Month', perhaps those charged with our nation's defense will stop looking for opportunities to virtue signal. Nope. The Department of Defense earned a heavy ratio from Twitter users for using the official government account for pushing a bit of trans activism.


Joe Biden's DoD doesn't mind pushing politically-charged propaganda from agencies that should stay out of politics.

The U.S. Army isn't your therapist. What are we doing?

There's probably a two or three year old Babylon Bee article for this very scenario.

LOL. Yeah, this kind of thing used to be a joke.

Biden's DoD is completely clueless. Our armed services are struggling to meet recruiting numbers, and they're doubling down on social justice culture war battles that appeal to a miniscule portion of the pool of would-be soldiers.


Or … they know exactly what they're doing. Adjusts tinfoil hat …


And what a ratio it is!

As of now, over 7 million have viewed this tweet. A little over 4,000 have liked it. Over 26,000 have commented.

That's a weapons-grade ratio.

How can anyone not see that things like this do not project strength to our enemies?

Regardless what you think of this man and his mental health struggles, our own government is telling the world about soldiers battling serious mental health issues while on duty.

That pretty much sums it up.

Believing you're something you're not used to be the very definition of insanity. The top government agency charged with supervising our nation's defense openly celebrating and promoting these things is mind boggling.

Maybe they'll have to change it to 'Be Whatever You Think You Are'.


It's clear this guy needs help. This recent notion that the right way to help these individuals is to encourage them to believe they are the thing they're not, instead of embracing what they actually are, is one of the flashpoints of contention in our modern culture war.

It's certainly not an arena our Department of Defense should be fighting in.

This, frankly, isn't even about this one person. It's about a government willing to push this culture war nonsense on its citizens.

At what point does our military sideline people who openly admit they are dealing with major mental health issues? Are some people given leeway that others would not because transgender politics have made them a special class?

The public has a right to know the answers to these questions.

A lot of the replies to this DoD tweet expressed a similar sentiment: Is our military truly prepared to meet its primary objective - the defense of our nation in war - when the higher-ups seem to be focused on waging a culture war instead?


That's the bottom line. The DoD needs to right the ship, and we need to elect people who will roll heads until they do.


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