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Joe Biden falsely claims AGAIN that his son died in Iraq

Joe Biden is in decline. It’s obvious to everyone. He’s also a habitual liar. Taken together, it seems the aging President is no longer capable of keeping track of his lies.


Beau Biden tragically died at Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland in 2015 after battling brain cancer, six years after his military service in Iraq ended in 2009.

Biden made the same claim in May of this year, November 2022, and October 2022.

He’s lost it, folks. Our press won’t question him because their complicity in installing him to our country’s highest office is part of a national unspoken embarrassment.

There’s a very good reason and her name’s Kamala Harris.

Yes, he is. It would be ‘nice’ to chalk this one up to the open secret of Biden’s failing mental capacity, but he’s a liar. That’s not hyperbole.

Any Republican president with a similar family tragedy would have been grilled for making such a claim.


Exactly. An honest media that wanted to inform the American public about their nation’s leader would ask ‘Mr. President, you claimed incorrectly that your son died in Iraq which will sound to people like he died in the service. Can you please clarify?’

Instead we get ‘Mr. President, which flavor are you eating today?’

He’s made this claim at least four times now.


LOL. It’s amazing, right? The Left literally tried to tell us that his purported stutter is the reason he lies.

Stuttering makes an honest person tell the truth more slowly. It doesn’t make them lie.

They’re still covering for him.

Joe Biden believes the burn pits in Iraq caused his son’s cancer. While this is unproven, it’s understandable that a father would believe this.

That belief doesn’t mean his son died in Iraq.

It’s not the first time Biden has lied about family tragedy.


The man involved in the traffic accident that killed his first wife and daughter went to his grave with Joe Biden continuing to spread the lie that he was a drunk driver.

The lie made for a great line on the stump though. This was long before his mental decline.

Correct. There’s no reason whatsoever to use these words, repeatedly, unless he’s intentionally trying to mislead people or he actually believes it.


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