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Canadian wildfires have Chris Hayes blowing smoke

The Canadian conflagration has brought a dense fog of smoke to parts of the U.S., blanketing New York in recent days. As we all know, once a big blue city experiences something out of the ordinary and uncomfortable, liberals immediately escalate to LEFTCON 1 and begin sounding the alarms. Chris Hayes mustered himself into action, virtue signaling about the Canuckistanian catastrophe in the Chris Hayesiest of ways.


Yes, it’s that time of year again. We’ve thrown off winter, where any extremely cold temperature is ‘just weather’, and we’ve entered the season where hot days and wildfires are an imminent sign of the climate apocalypse.

Hayes reached for a Hayes-y tie between smoke and COVID that’s hazier than the Manhattan horizon.

Government overreach, unnecessary destruction of livelihoods, learning loss among America’s children, and over-the-top flawed-science-based oppression of the populace taught Chris Hayes one thing: he can turn his political opponent into a bogeyman on any topic he chooses.

If he always pretends his political adversaries are grandma-killing, earth-murdering savages, Chris Hayes can happily mow people down so he never has to admit taking a wrong turn.

Chris seems to have learned mostly the wrong lessons.


He’ll never concede even a fraction of that.

We shuttered schools, pretending children were at great risk when we knew they weren’t. Why? Because the real concern was that they would spread the virus and infect adults.

The experts showered us with bad data and news stories about the threat to children (which didn’t even come close to the Swine Flu pandemic). That’s just one example.

Chris Hayes is absolutely convinced, however, they wouldn’t manipulate us about climate change.

Exactly. People are generally good-natured and willing to do what is necessary to help others in a crisis. We saw that good will pushed to its limits during the COVID pandemic until people had enough.

Of course they’ll do the same with climate change. They already have been. The Earth should have been dead many times over, according to the scientists and politicians Chris Hayes would have us listen to.

The Day After Tomorrow has come and gone repeatedly, only to reveal each scare tactic was just another manipulation.


No, not that ‘mow people down’ event!

That will solve everything! Let’s get on those carbon credits. Grandma Perez in Albuquerque needs to offset Al Gore’s air travel.

We have to give him credit – he is a faithful adherent to his religion.

It’s really cold today. That’s climate change.

It’s really hot today. That’s climate change.

It’s smoky. That’s climate change.

Joe Biden just face-planted into another stage. Likely climate change.

Never. It’s Chris against the baddies in his mind.

No thanks. We can’t imagine going through life with a Chris Hayes mindset.

Look, there are liberal politicians and media personality we think are not very good people, but we like to think the majority of left-leaning Americans just prefer bad policies because they believe they’re good policies. That’s fine. It’s up to us to convince them otherwise.


People like Chris Hayes tell us constantly that he sees ‘the other side’ as evildoers who will ‘happily mow people down’.

Sure, you can go through life like that, or …

… you can just recognize that some people just aren’t that bright.

Fact check: True.

Get a grip, people.


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