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Gavin Newsom and the mayor of Sacramento throw a hissy fit over 16 illegal immigrants

Democrats love themselves some illegal immigrants … as long as they stay in the red border states with the conservative rabble. GOP governors are starting to force Democrat governors to reckon with the policies they support. True to form, liberals like Gavin Newsom begin squealing the moment they have to deal with illegal immigration in their back yard.


California is a sanctuary state and Sacramento is a sanctuary city. They should be thrilled to receive these people, right?

Nope, they’re throwing around words like ‘kidnapping’ and ‘human trafficking’. Utter clowns.

Thankfully, we at Twitchy have done some investigative journalism and identified a possible suspect thought to have lured these individuals from Venezuela and Colombia to El Paso.

Shall we send his mugshot to the DOJ for you, Mr. Mayor?

Democrats like Newsom and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg love the mirage of sanctuary cities and states. Why?


Because they like to paint the GOP as unsympathetic and cruel because they want to stem the tide of illegal immigration that is putting these people at risk, violating our nation’s laws and national security, and using America’s resources.

To quote the ‘good’ mayor: ‘Is there anything more cruel than using scared human beings to score cheap political points?’

Maybe he and Gavin Newsom should stop doing it then?

That’s the reality. Sure, California is a border state and they see their fair share of illegal immigration. California, New York, Texas, and Florida bear a steep cost due to illegal immigration.

The blue states, however, push progressive open borders policy and virtue signal about sanctuary cities but simultaneously whine when these folks are aided in crossing their borders.

Republican governors should not relent until Democrats decide to respect our nation’s laws.


It’s not like these people are being shipped in stifling box trucks and making dangerous land and river crossings – you know, the kind of behavior Democrats encourage by not closing our border.

They’re being flown in private jets or traveling in air-conditioned buses to proggie paradise.

‘Kidnapping’. LOL.

That’s the most hilarious part of this entire thing. They’re wigging out like this over 16 illegal immigrants.

Sixteen! LOL.

It’s not the number that has their dander up, you see. It’s that GOP governors have found a way to push back that actually has some teeth, and Dems need to find a way to kill it.

Hey, we wouldn’t want to be shipped to a Democrat state or city either.

He’s exactly right though. GOP governors have called Democrats’ bluff on their sanctuary charade and they’re furious.

It’s amazing how a thing can go from ‘undocumented immigration’ to ‘human trafficking’ the instant a Democrat has to take responsibility.



‘We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!’

California weenies.

Yep, they’re frauds, as is the Democrat Party on the issue of immigration.

They swore to uphold the Constitution and the laws passed by the people of the United States. That includes immigration laws.

Perfect. Newsom is a living breathing meme.


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