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Executive Editor Katie Baker of the Daily Beast targets Casey DeSantis in unhinged rant

We’re just going to start at the very last sentence of this utterly unhinged rage rant by Executive Editor Katie Baker of The Daily Beast. She concludes by describing Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey, who she labels ‘Walmart Melania’ as ‘seething with hate’.


The entire diatribe leading up to that point was a projection-packed polemic that was seething with hate for the First Lady of Florida and her husband.

The Left is often the people they’re telling others you are.

Get this: The Daily Beast filed this textual trainwreck in the Fashion section. LOL.

Just in the tweet alone, they managed to call the DeSantis campaign crude, Casey DeSantis the ‘Walmart Melania’, and reference the ‘Ron eats pudding with his fingers’ claim.

Yikes! Somebody forgot to take her meds.

We’re gonna have to give you some quotes from this one so you can experience the seething hate for yourselves.

It was dripping with elitism from the very start. Get a load of this gem:

‘The First Lady of Florida showed up on the campaign trail in Iowa this weekend wearing a ghastly black leather jacket—American flag on front, an alligator and the silhouette of her state on the back, with the sneering words, ‘Where Woke Goes to Die’—that brought to mind nothing so much as the racks of a Red State big-bin store where it would be retailing for $24.99.’

You red staters and your American flags and affordable clothing! Katie Baker would like you to know you disgust her.

We like Walmart, especially under Joe Biden’s economy, so get bent Katie.


Yes, she did. Executive Editor of hateful seething.

Next, she turned her frothing frenzy to Melania Trump and the coat she wore that triggered a different media meltdown:

‘After all, Melania was flying down to where the administration locked up little kids in cages and tore them from the arms of their desperate parents. Did it mean nothing at all, like her spox insisted—maybe like Melania herself, a cipher whose eyes seem to betray an inner emptiness, like the infinite refraction of mirrored light off of all those gold-plated Trump Tower bathroom fixtures?’

It would probably be wise to avoid conjuring up images of vacant stares … and pudding … while Joe Biden is president. He’s also failing miserably to address the border crisis, as thousands upon thousands risk their lives and their children’s lives to stream toward the border. Such compassion.

We told you it was nuts. This lady sounds like her special order cat food service sent the wrong non-GMO free-range turkey kitty kibble right before she decided to author this steaming pile of punditry.

Poor kids with a loving father and mother who are married to each other and provide their lovely children with everything they need. Have you seen those horrible photos where the DeSantis children are clinging to Casey like she’s … their mother?

We’re definitely seeing the seething hate.

‘Whereas Trump would wink-wink at the fascists—who can forget his dog whistle to the ‘very fine people on both sides’ at Charlottesville—DeSantis wants to peel off Trump’s base by being even more explicit about who he intends to target. You can see it right there on his wife’s jacket: DeSantis’ Florida is where the woke go to die—and a lot of other people die as well.’


HAHA! She dusted off the ‘very fine people’ lie before coming back to what triggered this tirade: Casey DeSantis’s jacket with the governor’s signature slogan – ‘Florida is where woke goes to die’.

Notice the difference in wording in what the jacket actually says and the unbelievably dishonest manipulation Katie Baker morphs it into here.

Within three paragraphs of first mentioning it, Baker now interprets the jacket as reading ‘Florida is where the woke go to die’.

Quite a difference, eh? We’re not surprised, seething hate often breeds falsehoods and misinformation.

They can lie about what ‘where woke goes to die’ means, but normal people – the people Katie Baker’s barking at – sees the Left trying to weaponize public education to indoctrinate young children on topics they have no business exposing kids to.

We know DeSantis is talking about entering a battle against indoctrination they’ve been waging for some time now – a battle he has been successfully navigating in Florida.

She then launched into a screed about COVID deaths, book banning, the Pulse Nightclub massacre by an Islamic terrorist (she didn’t mention that), and lynchings, Jim Crow, and the Rosewood Massacre – all of which resulted from an attempt by the Democrat Party to terrorize black Americans to suppress their vote (she didn’t mention that either).


LOL! We don’t know if that was a joke or serious, but either way, it’s hilarious.

We’re gonna spare you from repeating a lot of the spittle-laced prose at the center of the ‘article’. It was a lot of historical revisionism about ‘Camelot’ and how The DeSantis family will never achieve the mythical status of Jackie O and the womanizing cad who was John F. Kennedy.


She managed to hit Ron DeSantis ‘gobbling pudding off his fingers’ as well. LOL.

It may just be that this editor is a country redneck, but the whole pudding story, if true, just humanizes the man.

Katie Baker managed to stir up exactly the kind of seething hate she claims is the goal of Ron DeSantis.

Well done, Daily Beast.

‘Trump would never eat pudding with anything other than a gold spoon—while pressing the button for his 20th Diet Coke of the day and trying to bomb Iran on a whim. Put another way, Trump is the danger of raw, chaotic id. DeSantis, meanwhile, is the little jerk who’s going to make all of us pay for how he had no friends in third grade, or whatever his particular villain origin story is.’

Did she just take a swipe at the guy who didn’t start a war and pick on an imaginary third grader? LOL.

We know there’s a lot of strife among conservatives over primary politics. We’ve got people on both sides of the primary debate saying ‘I don’t think I can ever vote for him.’

We have hope the absolute disdain from leftists like Katie Baker from The Daily Beast will help unite the GOP against those who hate us and the abysmal policies of Joe Biden – the real threat we face.


Oh, Katie makes her opinion of us peasants clear too.

‘I’m sure many MAGA-types love a jacket that so blatantly sticks it to the libs. Still, we’re told that the average GOP voter doesn’t like feeling that elites are talking down to them (like someone nerding out about the Federalist Papers?), even though one suspects that they actually want to be the rich guy eating off the golden spoon.’

We hate to break it to her, but in our experience, the deplorables out here in the red lands are much more likely to know what the Federalist Papers are and why they are important than Katie could ever imagine in her small, intolerant mind.

Perhaps schools should focus on teaching the Federalist Papers rather than indoctrinating elementary students on topics of sexual orientation, gender identity, and comic book-style depictions of how to do ‘butt stuff’?

That’s what we mean by ‘where woke goes to die’.

We think this is a fair argument.

It is clear Casey DeSantis will be an active partner in her husband’s campaign and espouse his policies and stances on issues. In that sense, she’s fair game and attacks are expected, even petty nonsense like those Katie Baker penned here.


This particular dumpster fire of an article from The Daily Beast smacks more of a preemptive strike at a politician’s wife, rooted in white-hot rage for her husband.

Good advice, Katie.

Let’s let Baker finish off where she started:

‘We know she’s a woman who has overcome the great trials of a breast cancer diagnosis. Anyone going through that must have strength and grit. Still, we’ve all met people who have stared death in the face and came out the other side incandescently glowing with life and with love.

Perhaps that is the case in Casey DeSantis’ private and personal life, but on the public stage, with that black leather jacket, she’s telling us she stands for something else. She’s telling us she is cheering on a spouse who gets his kicks off targeting his fellow Americans. She’s telling us she’s down with his message of division and dehumanization. She’s telling us they are ready for far more power. She’s incandescent in her black leather jacket, at her husband’s side—both of them seething with hate.’

Joe Biden has divided Americans from the moment he stumbled into the Oval Office. ‘Semi-fascists’, ‘Ultra-MAGA’, ‘winter of severe illness and death’, forced vaccinations through threat of taking away people’s livelihoods, and the dehumanization of the unborn are just a few examples of the Biden administration doing exactly what Katie Baker claims DeSantis will do.

Biden has recently announced he’s ready for more power, and people like Katie Baker will stand by his side – seething with hate.


Editor’s Note: In the original version of this article, we had Katie Baker’s last name as Barker. We have corrected this issue in the headline and throughout the story. Apologies to Ms. Baker for the error on our part. – sj


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