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President Trump seems to be having a bit of fun this evening on Truth Social. He has apparently coined a new term for his MAGA faithful: Magadonians.

We have no idea what it means and neither does anyone else, but watching Twitter trying to figure it out is quite amusing.


Trump used the name in a second post as well. Will it stick? Who knows?

As you might guess, people’s opinion of the new moniker generally breaks down into 3 camps:

  1. A lot of committed Trump supporters seem to like it.
  2. Those who favor another candidate in the GOP primary … not so much.
  3. Leftists hate it, but they’re miserable people, so we’re just going to ignore them.

We’re just going to stick with the funniest and tamest comments on this one.

Things are tense enough with the primary craziness and some things can just be fun.

The vast empire of Magadonia has apparently outlawed lowercase letters.

One interesting tidbit in this tweet … er … ‘truth’ … is the line ‘we follow Truth Social’.

Does that mean President Trump is digging in on not returning to Twitter?

He really does need to get back on Twitter. It would make our lives here at Twitchy much easier. LOL.


There are going to be memes. Lots and lots of memes.


We immediately thought of the Macedonians as well.

Now that’s too far, Brick Suit guy. We still say ‘America’ in these parts!

Nice try, though.

What they said.

This is all very exciting. Where are they going?

LOLOLOL! Excellent gif usage.

You seem to be mistaken, sir. That warrior is from Catagonia.

Bill Clinton would beg to differ.

Oh, it’s been weird. We’re betting we haven’t seen anything yet!


Like we said, a lot of people weren’t fans. LOL.


Others were yuge fans of the Magadonian movement.

It’s about time!

We’re waiting to hear from the DeSantistanians, Pencites, Haleynians, Ramaswamayans, Scotts, and Hutchinsontonians.

We’re not sure that’s necessary. A single sandbag should do.

Strap in folks! It’s gonna be a long ride. Laugh when you can!


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