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Every so often, some pompous gasbag emerges to play the ‘me got big brain’ card against conservatives. This round is from a former columnist and author, Bruce Bartlett.


They usually never quite get around to clearly stating their point when they play this little game of cognitive calculus, but it’s always quite clear: ‘We think we’re smarter than you, so we should get to rule over your lives.’

Yeah, sorry Bruce. We’ll see if we can rev up our neanderthal wits long enough to muster a reply: ‘Tweety man shove opinion where big shiny circle in sky no shine.’

Let’s break down Big-Brained Bruce Bartlett’s condescending claims.

First, ‘half the population has an IQ below the median’.

We’re off to a stellar start, Bruce. Perhaps next you can explain that circles are circular.

We think the next math term Bruce might want to familiarize himself with is ratio.

Right out of the gate, Mr. Bartlett is already provably wrong, albeit on a technicality, but we expect more from an intellectual icon who’s calling us dumb.

Bruce has asserted that the GOP represents the half of the population on the lower end of the IQ scale. The very existence of Hank Johnson capsizes his claim.


We’d like to understand, Mr. Bruce, but we all just ain’t got them thar smarts enough to be figurin’ out what you’re on about.

‘Barely able to grasp 3rd grade concepts’. It’s safe to say we’ve graduated from condescension to outright bigotry.

You know who’s not likely to grow your food, fix your plumbing, work on an oil rig, own a business, fly your plane, or perform your next surgery: 3rd graders, Bruce Bartlett, or Democrats.

We love this next leap by the egotistical Einstein.

That’s right, there’s a giant conspiracy by the GOP to destroy the marvels of a public education system that has us getting trounced by other countries in math and science.

Again, Bartlett’s claim collapses under scrutiny. Most studies have shown, time and time again, that private school students have better outcomes than public school students in terms of test scores, graduation rates, and continuing on to higher education. Even the studies most favorable to public schools claim there is no difference.

That’s quite a plan you’ve got there, GOP. Try to redirect as many kids to private, charter, and home schools as possible to make them smarter than public school kids … so they’ll vote Democrat because smart people vote Democrat and stuff.


We dropped about 3 of our scant IQ points just reading this reprehensible thread.


Bruce didn’t give us a source for some reason. We would think the intellectually superior might provide sources.

Good question.

Oh, this other guy who agrees with Bartlett has a 2010 source:

‘Liberals think they’re more intelligent than conservatives because they are.’

Bruce replied with the ‘academic version’ of the article. It seems this may be his source. This one leads with ‘Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent’.

The study and the article in Psychology Today were authored by Satoshi Kanazawa. Psychology Today fired him a year later after he published an article titled ‘Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?’


He seems real smart, Bruce. Nice work.

We have a hunch Bruce has a hard time grasping this 3rd grade concept.

‘Hi! Goodnight everybody!’


LOL. We don’t think that was a serious question.


Apparently you have to be Mensa material to grasp that men are actually women, based on feelings.

Bruce would call a tow truck driver and try to communicate with him through hand gestures, grunts, and stick drawings in the mud.



We’re still laughing about this. LOL.

HAHA! The 3rd graders will know.


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