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Leftists joke about the assassination of Ron DeSantis

Today has been a day of leftists (and some on the right) attacking Casey DeSantis. It looks like they’re rounding it out with some assassination fetish jokes about her husband, Ron DeSantis.


They’re all just the nicest people, eh?

This particular thread started from the account of Eve 6, an American rock band who apparently has nothing better to do than make fun of the way a conservative politician’s wife dresses. The lefties are pro-woman and all that, you know?

The replies were a multitude of cheap shots at the First Lady of Florida’s appearance.

Then it got even creepier.

Oh, we get it! Because John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, so it would be hilarious if somebody killed Ron DeSantis next year.

These are the people who always talk about how evil people on the right are.

Surely this guy was an outlier though, right? Leftists are always telling us how loving and compassionate they are.

Nope. Not an outlier.

This isn’t our first rodeo. The Trump assassination fantasies even made it to the big stage with people like Madonna.

They’re just getting a head start on DeSantis.

Real nice people. Real nice.

Are you sensing a pattern here yet?


Perhaps these folks need a hobby instead of sitting around fantasizing about assassination.

The leftists are not sending their best.

Okay, they probably are. LOL.

Yes, because you were so clever.

There are more commies in the replies than the Democrat National Convention.

Screen name of ‘dingus’ checks out.

‘Hero’. These people are unhinged.

Pretty much.

Leftists respect woman … who do exactly what they’re told to do.

This guy’s DeSantis death wish got noticed by none other than anti-DeSantis and Democrat Party darling, Rebekah Jones. He appears to have locked his account down now since his tweet got some attention.


Hey, what better way to spend your evening … if you’re a psycho.

For her part, Jones did not explicitly engage in the assassination porn, but apparently found it amusing enough to reply.

That’s a mighty fine person you have on your team there, Democrats.

Do we really have to ask why?

We’re reasonably certain ‘savvy’ does not apply to Jones and her leftist cohorts.

Congratulations, political rock band account! You’re followed by the dregs of humanity.


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