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You okay, AP? Why is the AP reporting week-old news?

The AP is having a real one today, folks. We’re not exactly sure what happened here, but they suddenly decided to report on the death of NFL legend, Jim Brown … today. He passed away on May 18th.


Twitter noticed the belated blunder immediately and let them know about it.

Seriously … how does this even happen? A metric ton of unthinking media outlets simply regurgitate whatever the AP pumps out.

This is not impressive.

We actually feel slightly sorry for the person at the AP who reports on the passing of the iconic Tina Turner … in about a week.

Big if true!

Only the best from the AP!


The AP is like a married couple with 3 kids trying to binge watch a Netflix series.

You all know the drill. You spend about 10 minutes the next night, fast forwarding, trying to find the point where you both agree you fell asleep.

‘Hey, Hun, did you fall asleep before Jim Brown died?’

We’re sort of an AP hate follow, if we’re being honest.

‘Dude, like what kind of news happened recently, man?’

‘I don’t know, bro … refresh your browser on CNN or something … ‘

LOLOLOL! We. Are. Dead.


We made that face too.

Ha! Perfect gif usage.

We’re looking forward to hearing AP’s reporting on the demise of the Titanic.

BOOM! Do better AP.


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