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Scientific American sounds like every other leftist in editorial attack on Ron DeSantis

The Scientific American launched an editorial screed against Ron DeSantis following his official entry into the GOP nomination battle.

The writeup sound like every other left winger we encounter on Twitter, complete with all their favorite buzzwords: antiscience, bigotry, white nationalism, ‘Don’t Say Gay’, and on and on.


They wrapped up their diatribe with:

A country led by someone wielding such cruelty, bigotry and megalomania will never be ‘a more perfect Union.’

More like ‘Progressive Liberal American’.

This was intended to be red meat for Twitter leftists who love to be lied to about the ‘threat of GOP fascism’, and they lapped it up on cue.

‘Whoa, this man is really bad … and this is coming from a SCIENCE publication!’


Oh, the ‘real Americans’ have weighed in as part of their fight for democracy and against hate … because calling yourselves really American is not intolerant at all.


There is no visceral hate like that of left wingers pretending to battle hate.

The hatred for President Trump was like nothing we’d ever seen before. Sure, it was in the making for decades. It certainly wasn’t uncommon for Democrats to call Republicans racists, but they took it to a new level with Trump.

It also wasn’t hard to predict that would be the new norm from the Left going forward.

Well here we go. DeSantis is Hitler. These people are nuts.

LOL. There’s the trick.

It’s got the word ‘scientific’ right in the name. You can’t argue with that!

Uh, no. They’re political hacks, using their science credentials to overinflate the import of their liberal political views.


See what we mean? That’s the con the Scientific American is running here.

LOL. George Wallace was a Democrat who pushed for segregation … not unlike our current Democrat President … at least when it came to busing.

The levels of hate for both DeSantis and Trump are off-the-charts. No matter what happens in the GOP primary, Democrats have to be defeated.


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