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Randi Weingarten institutes a reply lockdown on her tweet claiming innocence on school lockdowns

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), is taking a beating for keeping kids out of school during the COVID pandemic. She’s now saying ‘Wasn’t me!’ and claiming she was for keeping schools open all along.


Hilariously, Lockdown Randi locked down replies to her tweet to avoid negative feedback (she does this all the time).

It’s essentially the same tactic she was using in the video she shared. At the same time she was claiming she wanted kids back in school (to avoid criticism), she was also insisting that certain ‘safety’ protocols be met before students could return to in-person learning. Unrealistic safety protocols.

The video clips show Randi Weingarten repeatedly saying ‘we have to get kids back in school’, or various flavors of that theme.

The funniest part of the video is they displayed a date for each clip, amounting to statements from May 3, 2020 through September 24, 2021.

It seems she was quite serious about reopening schools if she was repeating the same empty words for nearly 2 years.

The List is here, Randi, which means this isn’t going to go well for you.


That’s exactly the tact Fauci is taking these days. Randi Weingarten wasn’t there putting chains on the doors. She was just telling people that they were going to be guilty of killing teachers if their kids went back to school … er … we mean she was ‘making recommendations’.

We all remember the various layers of conditions to open up for full in-person learning. Masking, distancing, acceptable community spread metrics, quarantine of entire classrooms, etc. It was unworkable.

Yeah, Randi, we watched this with our own eyes. This isn’t like the Democrats pretending the people who implemented Jim Crow were actually Republicans using a different name. We saw it.

We here at Twitchy have to rely on the quote tweets too, in order to work around Randi’s lockdown.


There’s always a bit of fan mail in Rand’s replies. Digital astroturfing. LOL.

We’re loving Community Notes. None have been approved yet for this tweet, but there’s solid information there about things Randi also said, such as this quote from The Guardian related to full reopening in Fall of 2020:

‘It’s as if Trump and DeVos want to create chaos and want to jeopardize reopening,’ Weingarten said in an interview. ‘There’s no other reason why they would be this reckless, this callous, this cruel.’

Clearly, Randi Weingarten was a huge proponent of getting kids back in school.

Bingo. There was plenty of evidence that Randi was resisting actually returning while simultaneously claiming that’s what she wanted.


There were a ton of school closings hidden behind that very-difficult-to-meet word ‘safely’.

They really did. LOL.

Ha! Checks out.

Pepperidge Farm remembers, Randi.

Our friend, RandomWhig, shared an article with the headline ‘Teachers Union Considers Strikes Over School Reopenings’.

‘Just as we have done with our healthcare workers, we will fight on all fronts for the safety of our students and their educators,’ Weingarten said. ‘But if the authorities don’t get it right, and they don’t protect the safety and health of those we represent and those we serve, nothing is off the table – not advocacy or protests, negotiations, grievances or lawsuits, or, if necessary as a last resort, safety strikes.’


LOLOLOL! She wishes.

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