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It's time to LOL! Our favorite memes from the latest Jesse Kelly meme thread

We know, we know. We’ve already brought you the Jesse Kelly meme thread multiple times. Well, guess what? As long as Jesse keeps hosting them, we’re going to keep bringing them to you because they’re hilarious! It’s the perfect way to unwind and just have a good laugh.


You will never find a more perfect hive of fun and memery.

As always, we’re going to share some of our favorite memes. You’ll have to check out the full thread to see them all … and to see the memes that are just a bit too risqué for Twitchy.

On to the memes!

Oh man, we’re just coming right out of the gate with that one, huh? LOL.

Yes! This week was amazing for legacy blue check mockery memes. (We’ll give you some bonus blue check memes from across Twitter at the end.)

HA! We had to include that one.



We’re just gonna plead the 5th on that one.


LOL. Nice.


LOL. That’s good.

That’s literally the plot. We are dead.

80’s kids be laughing!


That’s dark … we like it.

LOL! Good luck putting that one in your GPS.

This is when the ‘until death do us part’ clause kicks in.

Ha! Please don’t do this!

Ok, we’re going to close this out with some bonus blue check mark memes from throughout the week!


That’s exactly how it’s been. LOL.

When jokes become reality.

Please, let this insanity continue this week!

LOL! And we’re out. Have a good week y’all!

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