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Paul Krugman gets trolled by Elon Musk in one tweet that perfectly sums up the Blue Check Wars

We know we at Twitchy have been all over the ongoing blue check saga between Elon Musk and legacy verified accounts, but it’s just too entertaining to pass up. Economist and New York Times op-ed columnist, Paul Krugman, is one of the latest to venture into the fray.


There is clearly a Left/Right political dynamic in the Blue Check Wars. Those complaining about the blue checks tend to be on the political Left, which is unsurprising given their hatred for Elon Musk … a socially liberal electric vehicle enthusiast and voter for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden … who has become toxic for stating he might be voting Republicans going forward and champions free speech.

The Left tolerates no variance from their political aims.

Upon noticing the return of his blue check, Paul Krugman, jumped on the bird app to defend his honor, assuring his followers he did not pay for Twitter Blue.

In a couple days time, this entire blue check debacle has become reminiscent of the COVID vaccine mantra:

‘I tested positive for COVID-19 today. Thankfully, I am fully vaccinated and boosted and only experiencing mild symptoms.’

The new coolness is:

‘I don’t know why my blue check is back. I have not paid Elon Musk anything and never will.’

For Elon Musk’s part, he seems intent on toying with them at every turn.



Look, we don’t know if Musk’s latest attempts with legacy blue checks is good business or not, but it’s hilarious.

The legacy blue checks are big babies. There’s no getting around it, and Musk is giving them ample opportunity to show the world.

He’s attempting to make the business more profitable, and in so doing, he messed with their status symbol. The pushback was immediate because it’s all wrapped up in the political hatred for the eccentric billionaire.

They certainly weren’t going to go without a status symbol. These people live for this stuff.

Their answer? They made NOT having a blue check mark their new status symbol. In fact, they quickly established that anyone having a blue check mark was now evil.

Musk’s response? ‘Here’s your blue check marks back, you giant babies!’

Comedy gold!

Now they’re saddled with the evil blue check of doom.

They’re literally resorting to exploiting a technical feature of Twitter that temporarily removes the check mark if you change your name on your Twitter account.

Why does Twitter behave that way? Because the same people were whining about possible impersonation when Musk first announced Twitter Blue. The feature was added so someone changing their name to impersonate an all-important celebrity wouldn’t have the coveted blue check until the account changes could be reviewed.


Who knows how this all pans out, but we don’t fault Musk one bit for messing with people who have been trying to destroy his platform from the day he bought it, all because they hate the thought of people with non-leftist views being offered a chance to speak without being throttled.

So are we! Jeff knows, by the way. He’s sowed a bit of chaos in his time as well.

Whether Musk is trying to expose them or just having fun because he has money to burn, he certainly has exposed them.

There is clearly no answer that would actually appease them. Opposition to anything he does is the plan.

It’s perfect. LOL.


It has been seriously funny to watch, and we have a hunch it’s not over.

Keep in mind that all of these folks could have just said ‘Screw you, Elon. I’m not paying. I’ll just keep using my free account with my hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.’

They weren’t content to do that. They started their BlockTheBlue campaign to block average people who paid for a subscription.

They don’t just hate Elon Musk. They have a general disdain for the ‘little people’ on the platform who want the benefits of the paid subscription.

These are the people who watch their movies, listen to their music, and read their op-ed articles.

These checked, de-checked, re-checked chumps really are the world’s biggest narcissists.


What she said.

It’s probably only a matter of time. LOL.

Now there’s a verification badge we’d love to have!

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