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Bye bye blue checks! Elon Musk pulled the plug on legacy blue checks and the libs are SALTY! LOL!

In typical Elon Musk fashion, he planned the demise of all legacy verified blue checks for 4/20, and he followed through this time.

We may have to update this a few times as the bitterness mounts, but it’s already hilarious!


The checkless left wingers would like you to know one thing: They don’t really care about their blue check! Seriously, they’re glad it’s gone, OKAY?! THEY REALLY DON’T WANT IT!!!

LOL! They are saltier than a ballpark pretzel, and we are here for it!

‘It’s as if thousands of self-important voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly not silenced, but instead, kept prattling on like they always do.’ – Twitter Blue account pretending to be the real Obi-Wan Kenobi … probably

The blue checks started disappearing and we saw the drip, drip, drip of realization sweeping across Twitter in a wave of glory!

There, there now. LOL.

Same, girl. Same.


‘I don’t care about my blue check. I DON’T CARE!’

Most of us have been able to speak on Twitter for years without a blue check. The real reason they’re mad is because they felt it made them elite.

Cool tweet from Elon Musk’s social media platform, Musket Boy.

‘Order up! One large order of angst, hold the blue check, extra salt!’

It just got so much harder for Rupar to filter out the serfs. Poor guy.

LOLOLOL! They know they’re stuck. Guess what, buddy, those of us on the right have dealt with a lot more than losing blue checks on Twitter. You’ll be okay, boo.


Bwahahaha! There’s no way he can’t afford $8 a month. Just take it out of the plate. Nobody will notice.

Ken Klippenstein maintains his perfect record of being wrong.

We loved this response pattern.

First tweet: ‘I’m so glad I’m finally rid of that nasty blue check!’

Next tweet: ‘Here’s how I’m going to take vengeance over that blue check I lost that I really didn’t want!’


The Resistance grifter crowd response was hilarious. They, too, were playing the ‘I don’t really care’ card while it was obvious that they REALLY do care.

If you want to understand why us Twitter veterans laugh at the demise of the blue checks, just look at the @MuellerSheWrote account. That’s not a real person, but they were awarded the Twitter verified blue check by Twitter 1.0 because she spent so much time bashing Trump to the applause of the TDS-afflicted.


Our very own beloved @PolitiBunny tried a ridiculous number of times to get verified under the old system. They knew who she was in real life, she provided all the necessary documentation, she has a large following, and she’s one of the main editors at Twitchy. DENIED. Every time.

Legacy blue checks are the remnants of an undeniably left-biased Twitter.

Hey, it will match your TL!

So salty. The tantrum is epic!

Seriously, this dude sells stick figure art on eBay to Resistance lackies. He was verified because he dropped a lot of F-bombs about Trump.


The bad (funny) thing about Resistance grifter Twitter is that many of them used Twitter to get their clout. They have nothing without it.

Substack. LOL. There’s nothing wrong with Substack, but who’s going to go there to read JoJoFromJerz?

There are also a fair number of Resistance accounts who still have their blue check … because they paid.

We’re looking at you, Krassensteins and Brooklyn Dad guy.

Should be fun to watch how that plays out with their followers who now view the verified badge like a swastika.

You know we don’t believe you, right?

‘I love not having my blue check.’ <sobs into pillow>

Nah, we’re gonna enjoy this, Jeff. When we’ve had enough, we’ll stop talking about blue checks when you stop talking about Trump. LOL.


He tagged the Pope! LOLOLOL!

You want to see something really funny? Check out the alarm over on Stephen King’s account.

He still has his blue check.

If he paid, it will be funny.

If Elon Musk gave him a free blue check so people think he paid, it will be tears-streaming-down-your-face hilarious!

Why do you still have a blue check, Stephen?

Hey, it says right there he pays for Twitter Blue. LOL!


You will get no judgment from here.

We leave that to other people. Like this guy:

The simple truth is many of the blue checks always looked down on the rest of Twitter.

They just loved having a Twitter-awarded status symbol to back up their superiority complex.

For us here at Twitchy, we’d love to have the blue checks back in many ways. It made our jobs much easier to search for the stupid stuff blue checks were incessantly tweeting.


On the other hand, this is fun too!

‘Free content’. LOLOLOL! Welcome to the unwashed masses, Bette!

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