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This viral video of a screaming baby on a plane … and the child he's mad at … is WILD

Okay, we get it. Crying babies can definitely get on your nerves. We’ve all been there … especially parents, but seriously dude? This passenger on a flight to Florida couldn’t take it any longer and went into full meltdown mode.


We usually stick to the political insanity of Twitter, but sometimes we just have to share the other crazy. This tweet has 2.5 million views at this point. LOL.

We’re just gonna move right past the casual ‘white people don’t properly manage their children’ slam and jump into Twitter’s reaction.

First, there were way too many people defending this guy. We don’t care how bad it was. Kids are kids. Adults should be able to control themselves and this guy didn’t. His poor wife looked like she’d prefer to disembark at 10,000 feet.

Second, we’ll admit our dark humor side got a laugh or two out of some of the things this idiot said while throwing his tantrum.

Yes, he literally did say that. LOL.


You know when something is just so wrong that it makes you laugh a little? Yeah …

He still acted like a fool though. LOL.

LOLOLOL! That’s exactly what happened. We told you it was crazy!

A lot of Twitter users found themselves in the same place we were – amused by the meltdown but less-than-impressed with a guy who would behave this way over a baby.

Ha! Armed flight attendants … now that would make for quite a video!

Dude played the race card on a crying baby. LOL.

We’re not even going to share the people claiming this was about bad parenting. How could anyone possibly know that?

This editor once survived a D.C. subway ride from the bowels of HELL itself with his inconsolable newborn, so there will be no judgments about bad parenting coming from this general direction.


She’s right, except for the part about him controlling his emotions apparently.

Anyone with even the slightest clue about parenting understands what a nightmare this kind of thing is for parents. Grown adults competing for loudest toddler never makes things better.

LOL! He was definitely triggered!

Nailed it.

Right?! Imagine listening to the baby cry for what seemed like eternity and THEN having to watch this clown show.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, be this guy:

We are definitely on Team Smiley Filming Guy. He was the star of the show, in our opinion.

Hey, you’ve got two choices: You can either choose to be miserable or you can embrace your front row seat to the insanity. Good on this man for finding the humor.


The male flight attendant was a close second for our favorite person in this video.

This is the face of a man contemplating how to strap a parachute to a passenger and push him out the door mid-flight.

We’re with her. LOL.

Yep, get a grip and don’t be a baby.


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