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How about NO? The Hill opines that Justice Clarence Thomas should follow Abe Fortas and resign

The Left has been wetting itself for the past few weeks as part of the High Tech Lynching of Clarence Thomas, Episode 37 (at least, we think that’s where we left off). Not to be left out, Philip Allen Lacovara weighed in with an opinion piece for The Hill, suggesting that Clarence Thomas resign in the mold of Abe Fortas.


Lacovara draws parallels to the Fortas resignation, focusing on the gifts that Fortas accepted, but glossing over other important context.

Fortas and LBJ were thick as thieves. Fortas continued to advise the president after being seated on the High Court, including helping with speech writing and attending White House staff meetings. Fortas was also advising Wolfson on possible SEC violations while sitting on the Court. There were allegations that Fortas pushed LBJ to pardon Wolfson, the man who was going to pay Fortas $20,000 a year for life. (see 1970 conversation between Fortas and Wolfson)

In other words, the resignation of Abe Fortas was more the result of allegations that might ruin both his and his wife’s career, political maneuvering by the Nixon administration, and good old-fashioned bad optics than it was some high and noble gesture by Fortas to preserve the integrity of the Court.

Lacovara also claims that Abe Fortas was urged by his friend and fellow Justice, the Honorable Hugo Black, a former member of the KKK, to resign.

Oh, if only conservatives had such a ‘hero’ to advise Clarence Thomas.

According to Fortas biographer, Laura Kalman, this is not exactly what happened. (Source)


Excerpt from Fortas biography explaining that Hugo Black first urged Fortas to resign but then began to back him after speaking with him.

The same publication quoted Fortas as saying ‘I resigned to save Douglas’, fellow Justice and long-time friend, who had also become a target of Nixon and Strom Thurmond for expulsion from the Court for similar questions of financial gifts.

Whatever Fortas’s full motivations, The Hill conveniently ignored the brunt of it to paint a most noble of exits for Fortas.

The Hill’s poor attempt to draw a neat parallel between Thomas and Fortas is just another attempt in a long history of attempts to get Clarence Thomas, starting with Joe Biden’s despicable performance in his nomination hearings. This is the latest retread of things they were writing about almost 20 years ago.

How did conservative Twitter receive The Hill’s request?

The phrase ‘Bite me!’ sums it up rather succinctly.


This is the response they deserve.

LOL! Sorry libs!


Don’t expect The Hill to let facts get in the way.

Were there memes? You bet there were.

Ok, that’s funny.


We hope The Hill is getting the message: Your crap ain’t working.

This guy gets it.

That’s the argument. Amazing.


You heard the man! Get to steppin’!

Jim Crow 3.0?

Liberals love them some Justice Blackmun, but they hate conservative Justice Black Man.

Get used to it, libs. Justice Clarence Thomas ain’t going anywhere.


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