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Too funny: 'CONSPIRACY!' Journos beclown themselves spreading misinformation on Trump indictment

Left wing journalists, and a number of other leftists, donned their squeaky red shoes and piled into the clown car from the moment the charges against Donald Trump were announced.


Come along with us as we walk you through the latest example of the Left’s never-ending rollercoaster ride of ‘TRUMP IS FINISHED!’ disappointment.

This one is hilarious!

It all begins with a report from NBC News that the 34 charges that were already expected were joined with a conspiracy charge.


Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

According to NBC/MSNBC reporter, Adam Reiss, and a bunch of giddy left wing journos who hate Trump more than they love their mothers, there was a conspiracy charge.

This is when their hopes began to rise. We love this part.

BREAKING! Oh my! Conspiracy!


NBC and MSNBC were working extra hard to screw this one up.

Notice the words from Reiss: ‘Mr. Trump tried to conceal a conspiracy’.

It didn’t matter. They all heard want they wanted to hear.

‘Very important’. LOL.

Did it now?

NBC News was busy gleefully spreading this misinformation.

Vanity Fair ran with it.

Many outlets were jumping on the reporting, despite having not yet seen the indictment.

MSNBC reporting misinformation about Trump conspiracy charge.

Look how excited they were. Jessica Levinson reported that the conspiracy count ‘suggests charges are bigger than the known payment made to Stormy Daniels’.

This tweet has now been deleted.

TMZ article claiming there was a conspiracy charge against Trump.

TMZ ran with the same headline and has now deleted.

All In With Chris Hayes tweet on supposed Trump conspiracy charge.

All In with Chris Hayes was all in on the bad reporting. Give us a minute while we find our surprised face.


What a shock that these clowns would join the chorus.

Now that they’d absolutely butchered their reporting, they really showed themselves.

Remember how conservatives have mostly been saying these are small-time charges and the DA has politicized this entire debacle in service of the TDS crowd? Yeah, they nearly admitted it today.

They insisted the charges were very, very serious, but WOW did they get excited when they thought there was a conspiracy charge in the indictment. It’s almost like they knew the expected charges weren’t as serious as they were telling the American people.

Snell even all-capped that sucker! LOL.

Look at him go full tilt immediately. The hack hasn’t even seen the actual indictment yet.

The Nation’s Elie Mystal was on the verge of peeing his pants.



Ha! They were on the cusp of Trump derangement Nirvana. It was glorious!


Democrat Blogger, Jen Rubin, hadn’t been this excited since Petco’s last buy one get one free deal on cat food.

LA Times is really on top of this one … based on secondhand information from an NBC/MSNBC reporter.


HUGE! Maybe even YUGE! Bwahaha!

You know what we’re about to drink?


Yep, liberal tears.

David Corn, out there corn cobbing himself.

We bet it was Melonia. LOL.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?

How many times have we watched this play out now?

Surely, the walls were closing in this time?! It’s a CONSPIRACY charge!

Womp. Womp.

Perhaps ‘journalists’ should have waited for the actual indictment to be released before they started spreading falsehoods.

They couldn’t help themselves … because Trump.


Let the backtracking begin!

We think you meant to say ‘just a bunch of clowns parroting fake news from NBC News without verifying it first’.

This is our favorite part – the disappointment after they convince themselves Trump is toast.

Poor Resistance Twitter was issuing corrections and deleting tweets right and left. LOL!

Michael Beschloss of NBC tweet about Trump conspiracy.

Why are you deleting tweets, NBC historian guy?

You could almost hear the air draining out of The Nation’s resident Troll doll.

LOL! No, it does not.


Tale as old as time … or at least as old as the Trump presidency …

Anti-Trumper falls in love with idea of getting Trump.

Anti-Trumper celebrates.

Anti-Trumper is crushed by reality.

So pathetic. LOL.

Let the coping phase begin. Seriously, folks, it has to really suck being this obsessed with Donald Trump.


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