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Please make it stop: Agatha Christie - Word Murder on the Sensitivity Express

So-called ‘sensitivity readers’ have edited works written by Agatha Christie to ‘remove potentially offensive language’.

Sensitivity readers? Holy doublespeak, Batman!


These aren’t readers. They’re editors.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” — Orwell, 1984.

‘Potentially offensive language’ is going to exist in any work of literature ever created.

One of the great conceits of our age is that the thoughts of dead people should be retrofitted to match our sensibilities.

The Left will ban books by rewriting them. Look what they do with movies. Everything has to be ‘reimagined’ or redone with a cast of people selected based on externalities instead of acting ability.

According to the article, changes include edits such as:

… in the book Death on the Nile – published in 1937 and recently remade for the big screen by Kenneth Branagh – references to “Nubian people” have been removed, as have several references to non-British characters’ physiques. The word “local” replaces “native”.


The sensitivity readers committed literary genocide of the Nubian people in this book because they were worried a ‘modern’ reader might be searching to fill their day’s quota of offense.

LOL. What aren’t people sensitive about these days?

Solid advice.

How about instead of changing the art of a woman who sold over 2 billion copies, we tell the perpetually offended to quit whining?

We’re sure there are many whose sensitivities are offended by just how spot on Orwell was.

Money is definitely playing a role here. In fact, many people on the Left will probably tell you they don’t agree with doing this either … and then blame capitalism. LOL.

Why would sensitivity editing create a wider audience though? Because modern people have been trained by the Left to reject ideas and words, even those recorded in the past, that are offensive today.


This Tweeter is asking the right question.

Yes, there are thoughts and words in books written before our time that we would find inappropriate today. Most of us, conservative or liberal, would recoil a bit at reading certain racial slurs or stereotypes that might appear in older literature.

Let’s be real here, however, how many people are actually offended in any way that requires action? Every reader knows (or should know) that language and attitudes change over time.

It may not be as much a matter of offending modern readers as it is the never-ending quest of leftists to control the modern mind. In fact, some of them will just come right out and say it.

‘We’ll create diversity in publishing by rewriting things written by good writers’ is quite the take.

Yes, we’re sharing a digital blackface tweet. We don’t even care.


A good point and a hard-earned dad joke in a single tweet. We love this!


They/them has a strong aversion to this timeline.

They/them has a strong aversion to this timeline.

They/them has a strong aversion to this timeline.

Fixed it for you.

We found the problem solver!


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