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SALTY: Twitter user claims white people don't season their food because of racism

It started with a TikTok video of a woman responding to complaints that she needs to season her chicken. It ended with the claim that white people don’t season their food because of historic racism.


Twitter user, TheHoneyMa, explained that white people don’t season food essentially because rich white people thought it was beneath them because brown people seasoned their food to cover the lower-quality food available to them. She summed it up as:

‘So basically white ppl don’t season their food bc their ancestors thought seasoning was for poor ppl & brown ppl. Lol’

A simple Google search reveals this topic has been discussed repeatedly in media, but it seems the question of seasoning has a complicated history from class differences (as she suggested), food quality and availability (e.g., during The Great Depression), food safety, and even food trends.

In other words, the manner in which people season their food varies over time and culture based on many influences, which brings us back to the problem other Twitter users had with this tweet:

Why do people think white people don’t season their food now? LOL!

This editor is Pope hat white and enjoys him some salt, pepper, habanero sauce, thyme, cilantro, cumin … well, you get the idea.


As you might have guessed, the responses from Twitter were quite flavorful.

Yes. The answer is ‘yes’.


Apparently the bland white people peppering her replies are only doing so because she’s not a white ginger dude.

We didn’t realize she wasn’t white until we saw this tweet in her thread. We initially thought she was likely a white 65-ish-year-old academic, sporting her old AC/DC concert outfit in her profile pic. You can’t blame us, profile pics are small if you don’t view the profile directly.

Anyway, it seems a bit prejudiced to assume white people today don’t season their food or only attack bad food takes if they come from people of color.

You’re racist if you don’t season your food, and you’re racist if you organize the seasonings you don’t use. LOL!


It never stops.

They were appropriating other cultures.

This user shared an NPR article explaining some of the history of food seasonings, but the racists will probably deny what it says. (It says nothing about racism.)

That’s what we’re saying.

‘But white people in the middle ages … ‘

Excuse me, this ain’t the middle ages, pass the salt and pepper.


Fine. If you want to blame modern white people for food evils, we’ll give you pumpkin spice.

Wait until tomorrow. Ha!




According to the NPR article, once they became widely available to the lower classes, the rich people then started a pure food taste fad. Rich people have been trying to set themselves apart from the rest of us for all of human history (see the Oscars). It’s not new, and it hardly means white people don’t season their food now.

Nailed it.

What if non-white people spice up their foods because they’re racist against white people and their reportedly bland food?

Anyone ever thought of that??? (No, because that would be dumb.)


White people getting spicy in the replies. LOL.

We gha-rawn-tee!

LOL. Okay, folks, our plain boiled chicken breast is ready. Gotta go.


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