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LOL: The Left eating the Left is on the menu as Code Pink crashes Biden's DC dinner

Remember how much joy the Left derived from Democrat opponents being heckled at dinner, on airplanes, in airports, in elevators … basically anywhere? Well now Code Pink heckled Biden during his peaceful DC dinner and they just can’t deal.


We told them this crap would come back to bite them eventually.

Code Pink was there in protest of U.S. support for Ukraine in Russia’s war against the country.

The liberal activist group has long been anti-war. They rose to prominence protesting George W. Bush.

It seems, however, that Code Pink has now quickly fallen out of favor when they turn their antics on President Biden.

LOL! Olby really doesn’t like the same kinds of tactics he condoned in the past being used against his octogenarian idol.

People couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of those who suddenly did an about-face on dining disruption.


It’s almost like Keith Olbermann is a partisan hack.

For the record, Code Pink, as annoying as they are, are being consistent here. Consistently annoying.

Yeah … pretty sure we told y’all that more than a few times in the past. Buy, hey, it was just Sarah Sanders. She deserved it, right?

Good question. We’ve got that answer for you too.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Another good question. Why is the Secret Service not between the president and the hecklers? How did these people gain such easy access to the President of the United States?


Many conservatives couldn’t help but enjoy the Left getting a taste of the behavior they encouraged.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

Right?! We’re pretty sure elected Democrats told us this was acceptable behavior.

Oh, there it is! AOC had something to say about this.


That’s right, Ms. ‘They took a photo of my burger’ is perfectly fine with making people uncomfortable. She really should let her buddies know that it’s good to shout at the President during dinner.

This goes without saying. This behavior from Code Pink … and anyone … is bad. It’s bad when the Left does it to conservatives. It’s bad when the Left does it to the Left.

The latter is more than a bit funny though. LOL.

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