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Urinal Ban: New Hampshire students stand up for the right to stand up … to pee

In the latest bit of insanity resulting from demands that males and females should be allowed to use the same restrooms and locker rooms, a New Hampshire school has implemented a urinal ban.


The urinal ban prompted students of Milford Middle School and Milford High School to walk out in protest.

The AP writing is pretty abysmal on this one, just to warn you, but we think we’ve unraveled it for you.

In an attempt to compromise between opposing factions, board member Noah Boudreault, proposed the urinal ban, essentially restricting all students’ bathroom use in the same way.

Hey, we’ve always said the goal of all leftist agendas is to make everybody equally miserable.

We reviewed video of some of the students at the protest and it was clear they were not united, but what kid is going to miss a chance to get out of class?

Some students didn’t want ‘biological males’ using the girls’ restroom. Others were able to parrot back the approved ‘equality’ talking points admirably.


We’re still trying to understand what logic could possibly underlie a urinal ban.

Women’s restrooms do not have urinals, so there’s no threat of an unwanted whip-out.

Men’s restrooms have urinals, but they require certain equipment to be able to use them (Equipment that only men have … a penis … it’s a penis! We can’t believe you made us say it.)

Once again, young men are being told not to be young men, in order to placate others.

But …

… they really don’t understand boys at all.

We always find a way.

Not bad. Not bad.

We won’t take this sitting down. Literally.



Today’s AP news story was yesterdays satire.

Retaliatory seat-soaking will become a thing. Guaranteed.

To pee (standing up), or not to pee (standing up). That is the question.


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