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Smearing DeSantis: How dishonest hacks and dumb people used an AP fact check to smear the governor

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, continues to be the target of liberals who clearly view him as a threat.

In this episode of ‘Get Ron’, leftists declared breathlessly that DeSantis was moving to mandate Florida’s female athletes to submit details of their menstrual cycles to their high schools before they could participate. Some even alleged that this was somehow an attack on transgender students.


The summit of stupidity was realized with this tweet from Nina Turner who stamped it with the hallmark of dopey Twitter: ‘Full stop.’

There’s just one problem with Nina’s 2.5 million-view tweet: It’s utter hogwash.

Now for the backstory.

The AP decided to do a fact check on some ‘misinformation’ spreading through Twitter about DeSantis. We know, it surprised us too.

In fact, it’s the very same fact check Nina Turner used in her tweet … conveniently screen-capping it instead of linking to the article, where her dim-witted followers might actually learn the truth. Yeah, we see what you did there, Tina.

What was the source of the misinformation that triggered the AP fact check? They specifically cited these tweets:

Ed friggin’ Krassenstein, who was previously booted off Twitter with his brother for shady activities.

Who else?

Erica Marsh, yet another left wing grifter account who peddles salacious falsehoods for clicks and retweets.

You can read the original AP fact check here to get the real story.


Fact Check: False

We are shocked! Shocked, we tell you! We would have never thought these folks would lie about such a thing.

The AP is not completely without fault either. It’s quite a click-baity headline and image for an article that actually shoots down the claim.

But wait … there’s more!

The current form designates these questions as ‘Optional’. We at Twitchy looked at a number of similar forms from other states. The majority we viewed included the same or similar questions and did not designate them as ‘Optional’.

We sampled forms from Ohio, New Jersey, Washington, Delaware, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Alabama, and Arizona. Most other states likely have similar forms because they’re all following guidelines from national organizations, just like Florida.

That’s when even the AP fact check misses a pretty important detail.

‘The questions, which association officials say have been on the form for at least two decades, include when a student had their first menstrual period, when the most recent one was, how long the interval between their periods typically lasts, how many they’ve had in the past year and the longest interval between periods in the last year.

The proposed revisions to the form include four mandatory questions about menstruation, including if the student has ever had a period, the age they had their first period, the date of their most recent period and how many periods they’ve had in the past year.’


This is all accurate. The questions that were on the form (as optional) are replaced with the four ‘mandatory’ questions in the proposed form, but here’s the real kicker …

The current form, which you can read here explicitly states the following on the form that includes the optional questions related to menstrual cycles:

‘This completed form must be kept on file by the school.’

The proposed form … which is totally authoritarian and ushering in the LiTeRaL hAndSmAiD tALe for realz … (see the form here) states the following on the form that includes the now-mandatory menstrual cycle questions:

‘This medical history form should be retained by the healthcare provider and/or parent’

In fact, the only form in Florida’s new proposed package that must be retained by the school is the Medical Eligibility Form, stating that the student athlete participated in the pre-participation physical evaluation and assessment under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

LESS medical information would be provided to Florida schools under the proposed forms package.

‘Full stop.’

The gullible were gonna gullible, just the same.

Nope, you’re still hysterical.


This misinformation spreader wants to dictate how your kids should be taught.

Seriously, shouldn’t this lady know a little bit about common student athlete reporting requirements at schools across the nation?

The party of limited reading skills.

On the contrary, these insane, fact-vacant attacks from the Left actually help DeSantis.

Jessica was having quite the meltdown over being featured in Tim Carney’s article.

Unsurprisingly, she has it exactly backwards, according to the proposed form cited by the AP article.

LOL. This is where we are.


Yep. Clowns. All of them.



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