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LOL! Even more classified documents found at Biden's Wilmington home

This entire Biden classified documents scandal is hilarious. In typical fashion, the Left went full ‘Chicken Little, treasonous threat to the Republic’ clown show when the Trump Mar-a-Lago classified document story broke.


Now, they’re stuck trying to figure out how to excuse Biden for apparently having held onto classified documents for decades while still maintaining their ‘serious situation’ game face in the latest effort to get Trump.

The Doofus-In-Chief is not helping their efforts because they keep finding more and more classified documents in his possession. LOL.

It’s not clear how many classified documents are in the latest find, but the ‘DOJ seized an additional six items consisting of classified documents’, according to the Fox News article.

Some of these were from Biden’s time in the Senate.

Remember, team Trump has always made the argument that Trump had presidential powers to declassify documents. That legal battle has not taken place, but there is an argument to be made.

No such claim could be made of Senator Biden or Vice President Biden. As far as President Biden, his brain is probably the safest place on earth to store classified information. Even he won’t be able to share it within an hour or two, but we digress.

What is clear is that he was not supposed to be in possession of these documents. That is, it’s illegal. Maybe they’ll call them ‘undocumented documents’?


How does Joe Biden get away with stuff like this?

It’s simple really. He’ll say something like ‘My dad always used to say, Joey, if you’re gonna look at classified documents take ’em out of the SCIF and hide ’em in your garage. I’m not joking.’ Then the leftist media will dismiss it as just another ‘Crazy Uncle Joe’ moment. He’s been playing this game for years.

Cue up the media spin praising Biden for going above and beyond to work with the DOJ, unlike the Evil Orange One, to … divulge classified documents he has illegally possessed for decades.

In order to provide some clarity, this situation is probably not all that rare. It has been claimed that there is an over classification problem – that, when in doubt, documents are labeled as classified when they’re really not. There are likely hordes of such information floating around the country in file folders, on computers, and in basements where it’s technically not supposed to be.

Democrats created this mess for themselves because they had to convince the public a few months ago that Trump having classified documents in a secure location at Mar-a-Lago with constant Secret Service protection was the worst thing to happen since Watergate. They look pretty dumb now, and we love it.


We mentioned this was an utter clown show, right? Just wanted to be sure. Ha!

LOL! Remember the ‘bombshell’ photos from the DOJ of the Trump classified documents spread across the floor?

It’s almost like the DOJ nor the press has any interest in pursuing a similar narrative with a Democrat president.

Seriously, classified documents spread out on Biden’s garage floor next to an oil stain and a dirty box labeled ‘Jill’s doctor stuff’ would have made a great photo.

Bwahaha! Biden probably uses classified documents to line the cages of his dogs when they get kicked out of the White House.


‘Biden illegally possessed classified documents the good way.’ We told you.

There seems to be a different set of rules here.

Hey, that could be fun. LOL.


We remember.

They’ll find a new excuse. It usually takes them a few hours to sync their reporting.


We love the messes they create for themselves.

If you’ve been watching Joe Biden operate at any point during his 50-year stint on the government dole, you’re not surprised in the least.

This looks bad enough for Biden that they’re likely going to have to cancel ‘the beginning of the end’ for Trump again.

It could be a lot of classified documents if the six ‘items’ are three filing cabinets, a box from a Rascal Mobility Scooter, a ’69 Camaro, and a stolen Chevy Suburban from the Secret Service.

LOL! Nice.


Hey, if Joe Biden goes missing, Nicolas Cage can just follow the trail of classified documents he leaves everywhere.


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