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Oh Deer! Fiona Moriarty labels hunting a 'MAGA murder cult' and says Jesus would not approve

We realize you’re not always going to know who these people are. We’re just here to bring you the craziness from Twitter. Fiona Moriarty is just such a case, and she uses the screen name ‘factswithfiona’. Cringe.


When Cabot Phillips of the Daily Wire posted a photo of his wife bagging dinner, Fiona felt the need to comment. Let’s break down her response, shall we?

  1. Deer hunting, an activity that has existed for all of human existence, is a ‘MAGA murder cult’.
  2. Hunting is not ‘brutally murdering’. Murder is something humans do to each other. (Ask Planned Parenthood if you’re confused, Fiona.)
  3. If you’ve ever had a deer run into your car, you know deer are not innocent. Just kidding, folks. Calm down! They can, however, be a nuisance if the population is not controlled.
  4. Yes, people take pride in a good hunt. It’s far less clout-chasing than this gem of a tweet by Fiona Moriarty.
  5. According to Fiona, all humans who existed, ever, were ‘demented savages’.
  6. ‘Jesus would never.’ Deer is kosher. Jesus would.

We hope that helps. did we mention these people are insane? LOL.


Twitter was quick to weigh in.

It’s getting hard to tell the difference.


(That is satire. LOL.)

What Would Jesus Doe?

(We apologize for nothing!)

Einstein probably would have eaten the deer.

Sorry, Fiona Moriarty, your grocery store food was also brutally murdered by demented savages.

Same, bro.

Right?! Why not call this nice couple ‘methane reducers’?

Coping and seething has to be exhausting, but to each their own.

We would totally eat a McBambi though. You listening, McDonald’s?


There are some actual facts for you, Fiona.

We think he’s being a bit naïve. LOL.

Phillips was sure to let Fiona know how things turned out.


Now THAT is savage!




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