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The end is near? Elon Musk asks if he should step down as head of Twitter in latest poll

In a twist nobody saw coming, Elon Musk has tweeted yet another poll, this time vowing to step down as head of Twitter if that is the will of the people.

As the poll tops 5 million votes at the time of this writing, people have voted 58% Yes to 42% No, signaling that a strong majority would like Musk to step down as head of Twitter.


Elon Musk has been consistent in his willingness to follow the outcome of his polls. If this trend continues, you can expect him to follow through.

What will that mean? Who knows? He’ll still own Twitter and likely be very involved in the direction of the platform, but he may select a person to head the company who is not such a lightning rod.

One would expect Musk has access to data that would give him an indication of how this poll would play out. It may be that he’s using the poll to segue into a move he was already planning.

We’d love Musk to stay. Twitter has been hilarious lately. Understand though that ‘head of Twitter’ is different than ‘guy who owns Twitter and exerts major influence over the platform’.

He’s not going anywhere.

We agree.

LOL. What a dweeb this guy is.


The lib bot farms are probably working overtime.

LOLOLOL! The Left may not like what comes next.

Solid choice. LOL.

Oooh! Yes! He would replace suspensions with putting you on The List™.

Seems very likely this is what’s going on here.

Musk has hinted at this in the past.

Sorry, kid, ain’t gonna happen.

Look, we don’t like Elon Musk giving these folks what feels like a win, but let’s face it, they’re miserable people. They’ll likely be angry again soon enough.


HAHA! Imagine the meltdowns.

The Twitchy articles would write themselves!

That’s … umm … colorful … but, yeah, go vote! LOL.

That’s undeniable. The Musk era has been an amazing time for people who don’t take themselves too seriously and like to laugh.

That’s sort of our wheelhouse here at Twitchy.



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