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Elizabeth Warren torched her marshmallows and then Twitter hilariously torched her

Elizabeth Warren showed off her torched Thanksgiving marshmallows on Twitter. We’re not sure if this dish came from her infamous Pow Wow Chow cookbook, but it was definitely a recipe for disaster on an afternoon when people were well fed, happy, and finding themselves with a little leisure time to flame a U.S. senator worse than … well … Elizabeth Warren’s sweet potato casserole.


To be sure, from her fake Native American debacle, horrible policies, calling Soleimani a ‘senior foreign military official’, and recent attacks on crisis pregnancy centers, Elizabeth Warren has torched our marshmallows more than a few times over the years, if you know what we mean.

When she plays the ‘Look at me! I’m just like you!’ card, Twitter is always ready to go scorched earth.

You all did not disappoint with the hilarious responses – and there were a lot.

We’ll hold on a sec, in case you’re gonna get you a beer before reading.

BOOM! Roasted!


Ouch! You all are on fire!

LOL! Okay that one was especially lit.

Smoked her!


Y’all are burning it down. LOL.

Congratulations on your first day on Twitter, Cody!

We have to admit, we’re skeptical. This isn’t exactly the first time Liz has faked something. Just saying.

Overcooking the marshmallows. Okay. Literally setting them on fire, and only half the pan? How does one do that?

‘Hand me the torch, Bruce! We have to make me look relatable!’

‘But … remember the beer thing, Sweetums …’


Hey, it’s Thanksgiving and we have some extra tinfoil lying around. LOL.

See, we weren’t the only ones who thought it looked a bit too staged. LOL.

HAHA! Yep, it’s not just us.

It’s still as cringey as the first time we saw it.


LOL! Nice.

The math checks out.

That ended in a smoking pile of ashes too.

It would be nice if Democrats limited their destructive habits to their own kitchens.

Now we feel burned.


Not at all. Nevertheless, she persisted.

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