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The election was rigged - Democrat edition

We’ve been told for two years now that questioning the results of an election was treason. There are apparently a bunch of Democrat traitors on Twitter because they’re convinced the election was rigged against Beto O’Rourke. (It wasn’t. He’s just a loser.)


Generally, when we’re told people aren’t allowed to claim an election was rigged, we’re supposed to ignore Democrats in 2000 … 2004 … 2016, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton claiming 2024 has already been stolen, and so on. In fact, 2020 appears to be the only election you can’t question.

In this editor’s opinion, questioning election results is perfectly American. In fact, you don’t want to live in the places where you’re not allowed to question election results. We pick up. We move on. It’s what we do.

Regardless, questioning election results is suddenly in-bounds again, at least for Democrats.

We believe it. Beto is a loser. You do your thing though, Paul.


Somebody didn’t get the memo. LOL.


‘We’re gonna need more tinfoil, fellas!’

We’d just like to point out how nearly identical these complaints are to what you might hear from a conservative voter who was uneasy about 2020. Only one of them makes you a Nazi, apparently.

Have you seen Beto though? LOL.

John Adams does have some experience with rigged elections, eh Andrew Jackson?

Nobody’s told these poor people you’re not allowed to talk about voting machines!


Florida was rigged too! So much treason.

‘Retweet for literal election denier fascism!’

Losing sucks. Question away, folks. It’s not evil, but you better bring proof, or it’s mostly just complaining. Still, we all have the right to do it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. At a minimum, wary eyes and skepticism will keep bad actors at bay in our elections for a long time to come.



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