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She gone! Kathy Griffin got suspended for impersonating Elon Musk and finally made us laugh

A number of celebrity accounts, including Kathy Griffin, thought it would be a sick burn to change their verified account’s name and profile pictures to match Elon Musk’s account as proof that opening up the verified Twitter blue check to the ‘little people’ would be dangerous for the platform.


Valerie Bertinelli and Sarah Silverman were some of the first accounts to pull the stunt. They have since changed their accounts back, but Kathy Griffin thought she’d try to cash in on the joke and began tweeting support for Democrat candidates using Musk’s name and photo.

Griffin managed to catch Musk’s attention and may have achieved the funniest moment of her entire career.

That’s right, her account was ‘temporarily restricted’. Uh oh, Kathy, what comes after your temporary restriction?

Well, Elon Musk had an answer.

Hold on a minute. We just need to …

… Ok, we’re ready now.

So that means Kathy Griffin, queen of the terminally unfunny Left is …

Kathy Griffin account suspend image


… pauses to breathe …

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! We are crying!

Exactly! LOL!


It’s all of us right now.



Perfect! This is likely the next phase of this saga – Kathy will hit the liberal talk show circuit to cry about how Elon Musk has ruined her career.

Well done, good sir.


We’re sure liberal Twitter is going to be absolutely outraged over this, and we’re here for it.

We here at Twitchy will keep you updated, of course!

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