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How Journalists Fed a Misinformation Loop About the Pelosi Attack - Nice try, New York Times

Republican misinformation loop. That’s what they’re going with.

Journalists told us Paul Pelosi’s attacker was wearing only underwear. Journalists told us there were two hammers. Journalists told us there were three people in the home. Journalists told us Pelosi did not indicate an emergency when police arrived and then walked back towards the attacker.


Journalists are aghast that people would believe journalists. Frankly, they have a point. The news media is less than reliable these days.

We think a much more constructive article would have been ‘How Journalists Fed a Misinformation Loop About the Pelosi Attack’. Nope, the New York Times has to make this about Republicans because their team is faltering fast in the upcoming midterms.

Yes, long-time Republican news outlet … Politico. LOL.

New York Times reporting is often loop-shaped. Just saying.

‘Why are Republicans forcing NBC and Politico to report wrong information!!!’ – Stupid People.


Journalist, heal thyself.

Yes, Annie used to work for Politico, one of the primary proliferators of the misinformation loop when the Pelosi attack story broke.

We’d think Annie might want to write a piece taking her former employer to task for the mess they helped create. Nope. ‘Republicans! Derp!’

It’s what they do.

LOL. No, they’ll never go there.

Journalists who made baseless claims really are stunned that people repeated their baseless claims.

Unintentional satire is the best satire.


Republicans didn’t just invent the idea that DePape was in his underwear, but do go on, New York Times.

Here’s a suggestion: Maybe journalists should do a better job at not reporting misinformation so the country can get back to important work …

… like finding the pee tapes.

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