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Brit Hume perfectly frames Liz Cheney and the J6 committee with just three words

Brit Hume has a way of perfectly framing current events with very few words. This tweet about Liz Cheney and the J6 Committee is no exception.

To a portion of people on the Left, the J6 Committee is sacrosanct – doing the work to ‘save democracy’.


A lot more people than they realize probably see it more like Brit Hume. That’s what happens when you set up a biased committee, run by people who are entrenched in political opposition to the people they’re investigating.

Brit Hume also has a way rousing the rabble with his chef’s kiss tweets.

We’re not going to show you the worst. Let’s just say some people truly have hatred in their hearts.

Russia. LOL!

Yes, this committee is a joke.


We need to have a national conversation on reading comprehension.

Is it too much to ask that people at least know a little about what they squawk about? Hume is an opinion guy now, and we’re glad to hear his opinions. When he anchored Special Report, he kept those opinions ‘at bay’ better than any you’ll find anywhere.


Brit is probably crushed. LOL!

Brit Hume – bad person. They’ve lost their minds.

People who use the term ‘anti-anti-Trump’ are the ones whose TDS infections were so severe they have permanent damage.

And that’s Brit’s point. The committee has been a circus from the beginning.

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