NBC News published an article about the funeral of one of the children murdered in Nashville, Evelyn Dieckhuas, that checked every box for the media’s efforts to try to avoid saying anything negative about the person who committed the murders, or that her targets were Christians.

The article described the mass shooting (the normal term for these events) as a ‘rampage’, while the surveillance video actually shows the monster quite calmly and coldly stalking her victims.

The entire event is heartbreaking. Little lives, cut short because of the selfish lunacy of a mentally ill transgender person. The media has bought into the claim that reporting the reality that the killer was transgender will result in violence against other transgender people. What type of people do they assume will commit this violence? Probably the same type of people who were targeted. It’s bigoted and insulting.

The harshest language in the piece, described the ‘horrific act of violence’ and police officers gunning down the ‘suspect’. No mention that the killer was transgender, her targets were Christians, and police believe it was a targeted attack.

The horrific act of violence was committed by a former Covenant student who police officers gunned down as the suspect opened fire on arriving law enforcement, authorities said. A motive has not yet been made public.

Does anyone truly believe the media would respond in kind if a crazed person who identified as a Christian had murdered LGBTQ people in a targeted attack?

If you haven’t noticed, the identity of the shooter matters in the first hours of an event when all the media outlets scramble to determine what might have motivated the killer. The identity of the shooter continues to matter if the press can attempt to tie them to the political Right but ceases to matter if the shooter is clearly on the political Left.

Those are their actual rules, and we shouldn’t play by them.

Those are the facts, and it would be reported as such if the media weren’t afraid to offend transgender activists and loathe to show any sympathy to Christians.

If the tables were turned the headlines would read ‘Christian terrorist’. We know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

We’ve heard so much about ‘dangerous rhetoric’ in recent years, but suddenly that refrain has fallen silent.

If rhetoric can be blamed for anyone choosing to commit violence or murder, then surely convincing a mentally unstable person that Christians are trying to kill her in a genocide could be problematic? Apparently not.

This was one of the only accurate headlines and the Left complained about it.

Killer coddling has become mainstream.

An insult to pond scum.

When they release the manifesto, and if it sounds exactly like every trans activist cliché we’ve ever heard, you can be sure they’ll disappear that news quickly as well.

Agendas and fear.


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