Where’s Fetterman? It’s a good question. The new senator from Pennsylvania has been on a lengthy absence following physical and mental health struggles.

We, of course, wish Senator Fetterman a full recovery and recommend a peaceful retirement for his own sake – something those who advise him should have recommended long before subjecting him to a grueling senate campaign.

In an information vacuum, such as the one surrounding John Fetterman’s long absence, things are bound to get crazy … and they have.

That’s right, a recent proof-of-life photo of Fetterman has Twitter users questioning if the senator has been replaced with a body double.

We’re just going to clear this up right now: We don’t buy it. Remember all the Melania Trump body double nonsense?

Facial expressions, camera angles, lighting, and weight change are almost always the best explanation when these conspiracy theories crop up.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s hilarious!


Oh, but ‘Fetterman body double’ Twitter is ready for you, friend!


Seriously, you’re the best, Twitter!

Weekend at Johnny’s?

They put them on milk cartons. LOL. We’re not sure this meme could be done much better …

… we stand corrected.

LOL. Nice.

That’s good.

We seriously thought Fetterman 2.0 looked familiar. Now we can’t unsee it!

This Fetterman probably lives under a bridge and eats evangelical passers by.

Modern medicine is amazing! LOL.

Well done. We’re stealing this.

Wouldn’t want to leave out Senator Fetterman (Gisele).


That is the real question.

According to his office, he’ll be back … ‘soon’. Time will tell.