Sometimes we all just need a good laugh. Jesse Kelly’s meme thread is the perfect place to get our fix.

Jesse’s meme threads are some of the best, and we here at Twitchy love to share the laughs with you, so without further ado, here are some of our favorites!

On with the memes! As always, check the full thread to see them all, especially the ones we just couldn’t bring ourselves to share because … umm … well … yeah … some of y’all are crazy!

He said NEVER! LOL.



We’re laughing … and crying.

True story.


Ha! Well done, Mitch.

It do be like that.


Ok, we laughed!

Twitter’s going to get so much meme mileage out of the pudding thing … and we are here for it!


We are dead.

You laughed. We know it. You are bad, bad people. (Yeah, we did too.)

Okay, that’s technically a dad joke, but we’ll allow it.

Thanks, Biden.

This is the way.

10 gallons of Willie, please!

Reworking the old memes. We like it!

So wrong. LOL.


If you know, you know.

Oh no!

Who’s a good boi?! LOL.

Dude… LOL.

Okay, that’s good.


Holy crap! Stay out of our freezer!!!

When the meme is just too accurate. LOL.

The meme makers are having a field day with the latest Biden-being-awkward photo.


Alright, folks, we can never have too many memes, but that’s a wrap! Now compose yourselves and have a great day!


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