Did she commit the crime? Yes. Does anyone really care? Not really. Shanteari Weems shot her husband twice after she learned that he molested children at the daycare she owned, and now she’s serving 4 years in jail.

There are few things that unite us these days, but absolute disdain for child molesters is one of those things.

Twitter users of all stripes came to the support of Weems, daycare-owner-turned-human-pedo-woodchipper.

If the acts Weems’s husband, a former police officer, are charged with are true (33 counts of rape and child sex crimes), how about an early release for Shanteari Weems, with a promise not to get caught shooting any other child molesters?

Her husband, after all, is not even dead and Judge Michael O’Keefe inexplicably doubled the sentence from the 2 years worked out in a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to 4 years. Not surprising from an Obama-appointed judge and former legislative aide to Chris ‘waitress sandwich’ Dodd.

Twitter definitely shared our sentiments.

Like we said, nobody likes a pedo.

Look, we’re not saying it’s not a crime to shoot someone if self-defense can’t be established. She broke the law. We’re just saying justice would still have been served if she got a much lighter sentence … and a party.

The hashtag #FreeShanteari spread quickly across Twitter in defense of the daycare vigilante.

Works for us.

It’s a valid question.

‘Ooh, see that girl …No crime scene …The based pedo-shooting queen’

Thanks for getting ABBA stuck in our heads the rest of the night, Siraj.

At least not to non-pedophiles, and that seems good enough.

Okay, we finally find a Shanteari Weems critic. LOL.


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