The White House released a statement from President Biden appropriately condemning Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, resulting in the internment of over 120,000 men, women, and children of Japanese descent. Approximately 70,000 of these individuals were American citizens.

A dark moment in American history … and Democratic Party history … to be sure.

Not one to miss an opportunity to leverage past Democrat sins to smear his current political opponents, part of Biden’s statement read:

‘The incarceration of Japanese Americans reminds us what happens when racism, fear, and xenophobia go unchecked. As we battle for the soul of our nation, we continue to combat the corrosive effects of hate on our democracy and the intergenerational trauma resulting from it.’

How have Democrats like Joe Biden ‘checked’ the racism, fear, and xenophobia of FDR’s despicable order?

First, they gave him a fourth term and then they elevated him to god-like status.

It’s sort of their go-to approach to these types of things.

‘Holy crap! We’ve got a guy in the U.S. Senate who was literally in the KKK! What do we do?’

‘Let’s pretend he’s the greatest defender of the Constitution who ever lived and claim him as our mentor!’

Twitter was quick to pick up on the disconnect.

Must have been before The Switch™ or something.

Look, we’d be perfectly happy to agree that people should not be blamed for what their predecessors did in the past, but that doesn’t seem to be a two-way street.

It was only last week that leftists launched a smear campaign against Anna Paulina Luna because her grandfather served in the Nazi army 40 some years before she was born.

And why does the Left love themselves some FDR?

He was a big-government progressive whose New Deal policies represent the type of government control the modern Left would love to impose on American citizens today.

Watch out, George Takei! Biden’s got two more years.

LOL! Your children will be told this happened after FDR ‘switched’.

Thems the rules.

Nice portrait of FDR you’ve got there, Joe.

We just had a mental image of Biden screaming ‘they’re gonna put you all back in camps’ at a crowd of Japanese-American voters. You know he totally would.

That’s some Grade A sarcasm right there.

Many saw similarities between FDR’s ‘authoritarian tendencies’ and President Biden’s.

While he didn’t throw anyone into camps, this President did threaten the livelihood of American citizens who would not comply with his vaccine mandates and treated them like second-class citizens.

That should not go unchecked either.


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