CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski (a.k.a., KFILE) and Em Steck authored a piece with the tagline ‘GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent’s ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer’. Sounds pretty shocking, eh? Kent agreed to an interview with a Nazi sympathizer? That’s bad.

Not quite.

True to form, CNN is engaging in a game of deception, and Twitter users called them out.

The random guy in question is apparently named Greyson Arnold and also appeared in a selfie with Joe Kent prior to this ad-hoc street interview. This fits the typical guilt-by-association liberal media tactic. Some random loser takes a selfie or speaks with a Republican politician. The gotcha media finds out the loser has vile racist views, demands the GOP politician disavow the views they do not hold, and declare them guilty anyway.

Twitter does not forget.

Ouch. Looks like CNN has ties to white nationalists and Nazi sympathizers.

In case you don’t know, that’s Jake Tapper interviewing white nationalist, Richard Spencer, a nobody who was made famous by the media in the 2016 election cycle to set up the exact same guilt-by-association game with Trump that Kaczynski is playing here with Joe Kent. Our wonderful left wing news media gave this racist loser a platform so they could use him to smear Trump. He organized the famous rally in Charlottesville and later went on to vote for Joe Biden in 2020.

CNN gonna CNN.

Clicks … and misinforming those who only read the headline or first four paragraphs.

It’s time for Andrew to do a very serious article about President Biden’s ties to the KKK.

Ok, it’s not exactly the same. Joe Biden knew Robert Byrd was a former Klan member. Yikes.

We’d say he stretched the truth, but the truth was nowhere to be found.

They really have done it to themselves.

The day after KFILE came to the town hall and asked questions, his next big scoop could be: ‘GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent’s ties to shoddy journalism’.

This response is adequate to make this a non-story, but spreading truth was not really Kaczynski and Steck’s intent when they published this smear piece, was it?