Bulwark writer, Amanda Carpenter, has joined the throngs of Twitter jurists who have convicted Ginni Thomas of some yet-to-be-defined crime.

The Bulwark is a NeverTrump outlet, that provides ‘political analysis and reporting without partisan loyalties or tribal prejudices’.

Let’s recap the grievous crimes Ginni Thomas is alleged to have committed:

  1. She believed the 2020 election was stolen.
  2. She lobbied elected officials to use legal means to stop Joe Biden from ascending to the presidency. Yes, they were theoretical legal maneuvers that were highly questionable and would have likely been stopped by courts had they been employed (they weren’t).
  3. She is married to Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.


That last one is the real reason they’re committed to pretending Ginni Thomas broke the law.

Last we checked, it’s not illegal to believe an election was stolen or to try to exhaust all legal options to get a different outcome. See 2016 through 2019 or so.

As you might have guessed, Twitter had opinions about Carpenter’s tweet.

Clarence Thomas has done more to expose racism on the Left than any other person in recent times.

There seems to be collective amnesia among liberals with regards to Democrat stolen election complaints in recent decades.

The election wasn’t overturned last we checked, nor has it been shown that Ginni Thomas was engaging in anything but advocating for legal avenues.

The anti-fascists are making a stand against free speech? Agree or not, conspiracy theories or not, processes that would pass through the courts or not, people are free to talk about things and petition elected officials.

This is really why they care about Ginni Thomas. They want to use her to get to her husband, who according to super-enlightened, totally-not-racist people on the Left, is incapable of having thoughts unless his white wife gives them to him.

You’d think a journalist could have dug that up.

Election denialism will suddenly be the hot new thing the next time a Republican wins the White House. You know we’re right.

Minor detail.

‘Fighting fascism’ is getting very fascist-y.

Carpenter is not alone. The Ginni Thomas angst is widespread. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re going to spread all over social media that she broke some kind of law, let people know which law or laws she allegedly broke.


At worst, Ginni Thomas seemed to be relying on some nebulous understanding of the law that would achieve her desired outcome.

Ironically, those who want to see her put in prison and Clarence Thomas removed from the Court seem to be doing the same.