The official POTUS Twitter account has been sharing messages of praise for Biden’s bribes … er … policies. People on Twitter were skeptical.

The account followed up recently by tweeting the phone number to ‘share your story’ with the President, solving the mystery of where the alleged ‘common folk’ messages originated from. As reported by Politico, the number is tied to a Community account the White House set up back in July to try to increase engagement between younger voters, in particular, and the nearly 80-year-old President.

Sharing a text messaging number to social media … What could possibly go wrong?

That depends on what your definition of ‘well’ is. We’re sort of loving the idea!

Many tweeters weren’t going to take the bait.

We see their point. Using your phone to text they guy who’s trying to hire 87,000 new IRS agents may not be the smartest thing you could do. Heh.

We’re not sure, but count us in when you figure it out.

The powerful pull of potential hilarity was nearly too much to bear. What to do? WHAT TO DO?!?

Good call.

There was widespread concern for the White House interns. Y’all are such nice folks.


Hey, somebody’s got to try to put a happy face on this sad administration.

Many of you chose to tweet out your thoughts on what these messages might look like, and for that we thank you!


LOL. Gross.

YOLO, right?

Ha-ha! Yep.



This is the way.

Do it.

We know you laughed.

Now there’s an idea!