Martha Raddatz, on ABC’s ‘This Week with Former Clinton Staffers‘ had the audacity to suggest that President Biden’s recent ‘Darth Brandon’ speech was exactly what he intended it to be. Apparently, it became immediately clear to the Biden White House that this was a mistake because it’s been ‘cleanup on aisle 46’ ever since.

Raddatz’s guest, Keisha Lance Bottoms, saw ‘words of encouragement’ and ‘optimism’ in Biden’s speech. According to Bottoms, he ‘was calling out to all of us’.

‘All of us?’ Raddatz interjected. ‘He wasn’t calling out to the MAGA supporters’, who he called ‘a threat to democracy’.

Raddatz was, of course, stating the plain truth, but liberals were not going to take this non-lying, lying down.

This is one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words:

Spanish laughing guy meme, Juan Joya Borja, "El Risitas"

… ‘the Original Nazis’ means ‘the Nazis that actually existed’, in case you were wondering.

We’re sorry, but if you can’t distinguish between GOP voters and Nazis or Democrats of the 1860s, you’re either being dishonest or missing some gray matter.

It appears that Martha Raddatz does not tweet often, so this exchange resulted in one of Twitter’s most hilarious phenomena: Rage replies to a completely unrelated tweet. lol.

Here’s Raddatz highlighting a truly American story of a former Afghan interpreter making a new life for his family in America. This retweet was not sacred ground for the Biden spittle spewers.

That’s right, asking questions about a president giving a controversial speech is a disgrace to journalism. Looks like an attack on the press.

Jim Acosta is conspicuously absent.

Perfectly sane response. LOL. If you’re wondering what effect Biden’s unity speech, full of words of encouragement and optimism, had, you don’t need to look much further than these replies. These folks have been convinced the Smiths across the street are Nazis because they had a Trump bumper sticker in 2020.

Great job, President Biden.

BREAKING: New video has emerged of ABC’s Martha Raddatz, running through the Capitol building, shirtless and wearing a buffalo horn headdress, on January 6th. Audio of the newly released video purportedly quotes Raddatz as screaming ‘This is MAGA country!’

Tweet from Randy Mayem Singer criticizing Martha Raddatz

Well, Helloooooo, angry lady!

Mrs. Doubtfire 'Hello' Image

Hire. Back. Keith. Olbermann. You’re laughing, right? We’re laughing!

Remember when Trump attacking the press was a threat to democracy? We do. Well, it’s all the rage these days on the left. Liberals even called for a boycott of CNN this past week.

The best part of all this is many on the left fully inhaled Biden’s extreme rhetoric about American citizens being a threat to democracy, but he’s busy trying to walk it back. Just today, he’s reduced his initial claims down to “MAGA proposals”, whatever that is.

What a week! Just to recap where things stand: Biden gave a wonderful, inspiring unity speech. So much so that liberals have labeled Martha Raddatz of ABC a Nazi enabler.