Reuters broke an exclusive story today, revealing an April 9, 2014 photo of Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, Doug Mastriano, posing in a Confederate uniform. Notice how they give the plot away immediately by calling him ‘Trump-backed’?

Look, we don’t like GOP candidates dressing up as Democrats either (we see you, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger), but what is the aim of this Reuters piece?

Typical of today’s left-wing media, the story presents the newsworthy part (the photo) but also insinuates a 30-year US Army colonel, combat veteran, and doctor (the Jill Biden kind, but for history) might just be a white supremacist. You’d think Reuters would do a little legwork to uncover Mastriano lamenting the loss of Johnny Reb and pining for the South to rise again, if such a thing existed. A simple Google search (so simple a Chimp could do it) would have revealed Mastriano narrating a video and commenting on the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg just three months after the photo in question was taken (source).

” … and it’s because of this we have a United States. Had we lost this day in Gettysburg on the first, second, or third of July 1863, there would be no United States as we know it today.”

It’s pretty clear the ‘we’ Mastriano is identifying with is not the South because the Democrats … er … Confederates lost the Civil War. Reuters has no interest in presenting information like this because their goal is to persuade voters to vote for Democrats. This is why nobody trusts the media anymore.

That didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users.

Oh, but the totally honest and not-at-all Democrat lapdog, Reuters, made sure to fact check that claim. They rated it ‘Partly false’ because ‘Byrd was never the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.’ True. Byrd was an ‘Exalted Cyclops’, the leader of his Klan chapter and a KKK recruiter. Numerous other Reuters fact checks of Byrd’s racist past provide similar cover for the former Klan member who became a darling of the Democrats, including President Biden.

‘But Byrd was sorry, or the parties switched, or something, you racist!’

Reuters also covered this gem in February 2019 with the headline Virginia governor apologizes for racist photo but resists growing calls to quit. The ‘calls to quit’ were coming from Democrats pouncing, not Republicans for a change, and Reuters played along. By May, Northam had denied being in the photo, after admitting to being in the photo, and Reuters toed the line again: Virginia governor’s role in blackface yearbook photo unclear, school says.


Good question. ‘jOuRnaLiSts dOn’T piCk SiDeS!’ or something.

The standards seem to be rather consistent: Help Democrats get elected.