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Asian Murder Hornet gets a new name that is generic and presently deemed non-offensive

There comes a time in every nasty Asian Murder Hornet’s life when it realizes that the name it bears is politically incorrect. No little, or giant as the case may be, stinging insect wants to be the bane of modern wokeism.


Yeah, this is no joke. There is just so much in a name. Calling an insect Asian, for instance, may lead one to believe that it comes from Asia. Even if it did come from Asia, that wouldn’t make it ok to reference Asia in the namesake of such a feared an unappreciated bug.

The Entomological Society of America announced a new, more general, name for the pesky giant stinger in an effort to avoid negative association with a specific geographic area.  Everyone will now be on the terrified lookout for the “Northern giant hornet.”

Who would have guessed that it is socially taboo to identify a hornet by its region of origin. Is there anything PC culture isn’t bothered by? Was it really ok to stereotype everyone of these poor creatures as murderous? Maybe not.


Honestly, there has to be more creative ideas out there for the name change.

Be assured that the Northern Giant Hornet is no less menacing with it’s new moniker. People intend to continue despising the hornet, whatever it is called.

The next time you are screaming in fear and running for your life from an aggressive 2 inch, stinging, hornet, for the sake of humanity – please remember to use the politically corrected terminology.

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