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Memorial Day bait from Laurence Tribe, what a great day to infringe on freedom

As public figures take a moment to recognize the fallen on social media this Memorial Day, don’t think some won’t take the opportunity to pretzel their message into patronizing propaganda.  Hello Laurence Tribe, you must be joking, right?


As in, let’s take a step toward relinquishing our freedom in celebration of those who died to preserve our freedoms?


It’s hard to know for sure if those who died serving our country and ensuring our survival as a free nation would be grateful for this gift proposed by Tribe, but we can make some educated guesses.


If Laurence Tribe is willing to take the heat for pushing his agenda on this day, at least let it be an innovative idea with some merit. But, no.  Sorry Larry, gun safety is, like, already a thing.

Since we can all agree on the importance of gun safety though, perhaps Tribe is being overlooked as the great uniter.

But probably not, seeing as how additional legislation is considerably unappetizing. Besides, the sentiment just opens up the flood gates for all progressive talking points in relation to the holiday.


Can we not?  Please, let’s save the polarizing propositions for another day. Or at least a separate tweet.

Ok, that’s enough. Back to honoring those who made the greatest sacrifice in the name of protecting our freedoms.

If you know what this day is really about then you know the greatest gift is to appreciate, remember, and continue fighting to maintain liberty.

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