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Property is racist or something according to assistant professor at Boston University, in memory of George Floyd

An assistant professor from Boston University launched a brain bender into the Twittersphere in the name of George Floyd. Saida Grundy attempted to justify and rationalize any and all reactions to controversial incidents involving racial injustice.


Read that again. The message is that anything goes when outrage is justified. Justified by whom? Wait, don’t think about it, watch the media, listen to the activists and proceed with reckless abandon – property has been declared racist!

Is the saying, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ still a thing? Any justifiable outrage aside, there are serious potential consequences to the destruction of property that extend well beyond any intended or, ‘acceptable’ targets.


Perhaps Grundy needs to clarify exactly which properties are racist, assuming she is the accepted authority on such matters, of course.

The bigotry of soft expectations strikes again. People cannot be expected to react to alleged social injustice in a way that is not destructive. What, really, can be expected of people who hail George Floyd as a hero of sorts?


If the destruction of property is excused and monuments of historical relevance or torn down in the name of justice. It is interesting to see new statues appear.

Can we get a clear ruling from the prevailing authorities (activists with the loudest voices) on whether or not these new properties are racist, too?

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