Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg delivered the announcement that Biden is handing out big fat wads of tax payer funds to fix racist roads. Ok, “fix” may not be an accurate description of the plan. The Biden Administration has authorized a federal grant for dismantling an interstate highway in Michigan that was reportedly built to segregate neighborhoods to the detriment of a thriving black community.  Many businesses in the community were forced to relocate when the freeway was built in 1960.

Nevermind the potholes, bringing infrastructure up to the standards of the Leftist utopian vision requires absolute destruction and a healthy infusion of federal funds. TEAR IT DOWN, they say. Surely, the business owners and citizens of 2022 who would be impacted by such a project wouldn’t mind sacrificing their livelihoods and relocating themselves to right a historic wrong.

Maintaining infrastructure is so much less meaningful then scrapping it and starting over with the US Government checkbook wide open and for the visionaries with the appropriate credentials for pandering to the outraged and entitled.

Set aside the fact that the Left keeps coming up with new ways to virtue signal and the entire concept of racist roads is a bit hard to stomach.

It is certainly possible that the infrastructure put in place by the government was planned poorly and had a negative impact on the community that was uprooted to make way for roads. Even if the highway placement was a well executed government plan to disadvantage the black community (try not to laugh at the concept of well planned & well executed government anything here), it can not simply be undone by destroying the highway some sixty years later.

The community has undoubtedly changed and adapted over time, if a racist act truly needs to be righted – can it not be done through building them up rather than tearing something down? If the Biden Administration has tax payer cash to burn, surely there are ways to build back that won’t have historians laughing at the absurdity of 2022.


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