Instagram user @momlife_comics took her marital frustrations to the Internet in an epic one-sided battle against the patriarchy with cutesy passive aggressive cartoons detailing the shortcomings of her husband.  Then one day, Twitter users discovered the work of this bitter mom comic.

Ms Bitter Momlife is certainly getting the allotted fifteen minutes of internet fame, though she may not be enjoying it.

The seemingly man-hating comic has been called out as a bully. Not only is her husband skating through parenthood, the Internet is definitely taking sides.

Surprise, the comic took to Instagram to complain, and she thinks the harsh blow-back is only because… she is a woman.

The Internet has taken to enhancing and recreating the comics for the enjoyment of all, except maybe the original artist.

If you missed the original version of the peach comic, the husband intended to use that peach for, gasp, a smoothie – for HIMSELF. The opportunities for mockery are glorious.

Look, parenthood is never easy.  Perhaps what’s missing in the Momlife comics is the sweet side of mother hood, if it is there it is overshadowed by the bitterness that comes through the artist’s work.

There are, of course, some sympathies for the level of dragging that Ms bitter Momlife has been subjected to. Don’t worry mama, it won’t last, you can go back to dragging your husband and the entire male population soon enough.