They say just about anyone would make a better President of the United States than the reigning Commander-in-Chief.  Leave it to shock jock, Howard Stern, to terrify the masses with a potential alternative. Howard Stern himself thinks he might like to take a spin in the Oval Office to, ‘make the country fair again.’

Well maybe not, literally, anyone would be better than Joe Biden.

It was the reversal of Roe v. Wade that prompted Howard Stern to throw his name into the hat as a possible contender for the next great mistake, i.e. leader of the free world. At least we know the jock can still shock and awe in the most cringe-worthy manner.

Could feminists welcome a character like Howard Stern into the fold if he vows to fight for their right to terminate unwanted pregnancies?

Not just anyone could get away with a history of black face either, Stern must be a true Leftist!

Better to have your ambitions dashed on social media than to spend time and money to get all of the negative feedback at the ballot box, Howard.

Being called irrelevant probably isn’t entirely fair when the dude can still grab the spotlight and make people laugh … and laugh.

Yeah, that actually isn’t how that gig works. Like, at all.

We can all look forward to the next celebrity contestant in the great hunt for 21st Century POTUS!  It’s all fun and games as long as they don’t make it past the debate stage.