If you have your tinfoil hat on, you may have your eyes on the frequent appearance of individuals dressed suspiciously similar to something like federal agents on the scene of several recent incidents getting a lot of media coverage. Those who shy away from conspiracy theories may be less quick to identify the so-called feds, but it is hard to deny there isn’t a group of dudes who fail to blend in that seem to pop up on the regular.

For the purposes of this article, we will begin on the scene of September 2021 at the Justice for J6 rally, where jorts and Ray-bans made a notable appearance.

The not so inconspicuous photo made the Internet rounds in hilarious meme fashion and provided excellent entertainment.

That was not the last of the mis-fashioned fellows though.  Occasionally, they appear clad in matching khakis and have a curious dedication to face masks.

The standardized uniform is hard to ignore. Most recently the look has appeared in Idaho, where it was reported that Patriot Front members were arrested for planning to riot at a pride event… let’s just say observations were made.

Masks do pose an interesting conundrum, how many Conservatives do you know who wear face masks outdoors?

Like seriously, everyone is a FED!

Find the Fed seems to be catching on, but is there anything legitimately concerning about the bad outfits and increasing coincidence?

If for no other reason than enjoying a bit of entertainment, do keep your eyes open for conspicuous crowds of matching white men in fed shades at the next right-wing extremist event near you.