Self-proclaimed “Gen Z Activist” and “Democratic Digital Strategist,” Jack Cocchiarella begged Twitter to give up Chick-fil-A FOR LIFE.

Um, no.

Some on the Left, however, are apparently serious about not partaking in the Chick-fil-A for Pride month and they are prepared to torture their children in the name of Leftist principle!

While folks have every right to put their money where their mouth is, that’s just cruel. Not to mention difficult. People enjoy what they enjoy, not everything has to have a political impact?

You’re not woke enough unless you give up the delicious chicken! At least some are willing to admit they are not prepared to give it up, like at all.

Surprise, some people just aren’t willing to dedicate their lives and their preferences to political causes.

Companies not making political statements are increasingly rare. Refusing to cave to the Leftist social agenda, rarer still. Evidently, that makes Chick-fil-A an easy target.

No matter, the politicization of tantalizing chicken works both ways.

Honestly, the Right could do worse for a fast-food mascot. If you’re getting the message, fast food chicken from Chick-fil-A has been legitimized all month long! In fact, it is your patriotic duty to partake.

Apparently, the fries are debatable (this author strongly disagrees)?!?

No matter your political preferences though, it really all comes down to the pickles.

Pickles, however polarizing, have no political relevance. The world needs more preferences that have nothing to do with politics.

Also, go on and indulge in some Chick-fil-A today, if you so desire … if your political allies allow it.